dragon & tiger vs. eight brocade

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daniel halleck
Last: 1 week 5 days ago
Joined: 14 Feb 2012

good morning,

to anyone who has experienced dragon & tiger and eight brocade.
comments? differences? similarities? results? etc.?

please advise...

much appreciated



Taokua B
Last: 3 hours 15 min ago
Joined: 6 Oct 2010
Good morning, best of luck

Good morning, best of luck in your hunting and pick&choose (as it appears), lots to try-
personally just the movements of Dr&Tiger (espec if they are given the movement-qualities of the Tiger, and of the Dragon) are more engaging and interesting (even if done very subtle, let alone more obvious)..

if you have the "internal content" that is in Dr&Tiger, then you could try and put that into other sets <?> but I haven't seen any presentation of 8 brocades, or other sets, that have the internal-content that is taught within the Dr&Tiger material (which is much more important, I think, than the choreography- not over 50%, rather over 80% of the movement), you may or may not be familiar with that.. but if so, were you thinking of inserting that 'into' another set (ex 8 brocades or whatever), or did other material-teaching you found have that sort of 'an engine' taught in it?

-whatever you can feel as a magnetic type dynamic- when doing the move and/or when another is doing the move, as is emphasized in Dr&Tiger, etc.. (let alone say marriage of H&E... have you experienced any of that material?)

-but the set is less than how it is expressed (if you have the chance to meet up with one that has embodied such internal-content, or-
-at least sort of "read-into" one doing on video, and get a sense/feel of what it is they are doing- does it seem they are having something go on; something that you might be seeking to gain yourself? (following a path another has traveled, not just a way to walk, but their demonstrating what that path gave them.. maybe)

Robert Hughes
Last: 4 hours 24 min ago
Joined: 6 Oct 2010
Hi again daniel, you already

Hi again daniel,

you already know that I love D&T

I just used it with a class this morning.
There are so many things you can do with it.
(I’m a Tai Chi pirate, not a certified teacher.)
I particularly use it to teach proper turning of the waist—folding the kwa—to avoid leaning and bending the spine.)
I even used it to inspire the Dragon Boat team from Bozeman Montana to win the Flathead Lake tournament for its first win.

I’ve gone through the Eight Brocades with several high level teachers,
Ho hum.
I think that Hua T’o used it (110-207 CE) and I love his Five Animal Frolics. I really dig Hua T’o acupuncture points on the back along the bladder meridian.
(Yang Jwing-Ming YMAA has a nice CD on the Eight Brocades)

Both are easy to learn.
Try both.

dragon daniel can soar to Heaven and bring back the Pearl of Wisdom.

daniel halleck
Last: 1 week 5 days ago
Joined: 14 Feb 2012
to both R & T, my four in the

to both R & T,

my four in the morning regimen has included over the past several years:

warm up gathered from both yoga and tai chi
arm swings
cloud hands
D & T
Heaven and Earth
Bend the Bow
Gods playing

usually spending about two hours total

have been looking lately to add a tai chi form and think i have settled on CMC's 37

also started thinking of switching up the qigong sets, but pretty much have settled on sticking with what i have, which has seemed to serve me quite well. one thing about D & T; there is some sort of magic in it, difficult it describe, easy to feel, may have something to do with discharging stagnate qi, not sure though.

entering my 72nd year and after a yoga practice that started in 1972 i find myself naturally curious and still looking for ways to improve and grow...

thank you both.

happy thanksgiving



daniel halleck
Last: 1 week 5 days ago
Joined: 14 Feb 2012
also, forgot to mention i

also, forgot to mention i just added an inversion table to the mix and it seems to be working very well, especially for lower back issues,,,



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