high blood pressure

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daniel halleck
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any suggestions on what set might be most helpful regarding high blood pressure? i imagine there are legal issues about suggesting treatment, however i am only asking for casual suggestions, not prescribed treatment.
please advise...

Taokua B
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Hello Daniel... -from the

Hello Daniel... -from the theoretical-side... (I'd actually say that even a "Prescribed treatment" is actually a suggestion.. perhaps more informed than causal
.. but not "orders"/direction.. rather a suggestion that each person must always receive-discern-choose on their own..
as it is our situation/our own life so-to-speak.. even if a medical-pro.. -let alone if one is not dealing with a medical-pro, of course.)

Anyway- I'd say that it makes a difference what is going on that is related to (one might say/jump to the assumption of "what is Causing it") .. but rather the rest of the system is in what state? -so if your system is tense (anxiety, even if subconscious-- self-tensing, nerves firing erratically, even a purposeful restricted breathing -vs- some binding up/pooling in the fluid flows,.. espec to the degree the int'l organs are tweaking/kinking/flinching~ etc.. two different scenarios.. --of course others also)..

The key would be the 70%, as you try and figure out what is in your modus-operandi SOP of how you do things that may not need to be that way.. you don't want to try and change things to fast 1st) it wont really work- it won't take/stick, let alone ti will be all in thought-want vs actual changes and
2nd) if it does change (like let-go/sinking see Opening the Egates and/or Dragon and Tiger, each with the feeling of taking damp laundry-clothes out of the washer and placing them in pile (or in the dryer; as each one is put there, it sort of settles/stacks and just rests down as you let-go.. -if you don't let-go you will still be grabbing-holding it :) then grab the next.. that same sort of feeling, not a pushing-willing-forcing re "sung")
Another example is working on breathing, changing breathing can make temporary shifts in blood-pressure, and if you already have high, it is even easier to suddenly drop it low.. so just watch and ease that (the staying-power of consistence and repeating is key) -for that any of the breath work Bruce teaches...

... but in short -Id say any of the sets from Earts- rather than choreography, the large movements that involve all of the bodies parts help, but the subtle context makes the big difference, and how they are embedded in Bruce's teachings (which I have seen some chi-gung or other type of movement-sets, that look similar perhaps, but are done in a different emphasis) ~ ex: 70% rule for one, and many others (some are not so often made explicit.. -so even if you learn live from a cert-instructor (or try and learn/review form book or video--- I'd recommend a mixture of all these), or even if you know-do another system's set... in your daily practice, review for those little contextual-tweaks (not just each session, but throughout the practice)...
-- this is implied and a part of the practice of say a TaiChiChuan form, each inch of a movement as you shift and step, feel the adjustment melt-drop and activate... [whatever you are adding beyond the physical shape, say Peng and An field-affects fluxing as you move].... and continue to check this as you move, not just "step- thru it" (even stop and repeat, back and forth, like "Grinding-the-groove" connecting up a part of the path until it runs clear(er).. then further, then perhaps come back again, etc...

(a bunch embedded in the above), I hope you, and any others reading, might benefit- although you'd have to be in the mind-space proclivity of this sort of study-drilling (always somewhere between looking for a "find" of treasure at a flea-market/second-hand store..
looking for a certain photo, say, that you know/think is in a stack of photos, that you aren't finding, so you flip through again. (also stopping at many photos during the flipping-search, as the memories-associations of each arise... oh yeah, back looking for that one)... -likewise if you are looking in your "notes" from a lecture (or a set of videos/talks/classes/chapters.. trying to find a comment, as well as to absorb the whole of the content (hold it all in your thoughts-understanding at once- to see the whole)...

to those following the way (and P'u and Te as well)

Robert Hughes
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soft, slow, deep, mindful

soft, slow, deep, mindful breathing

Bruce says that blood pressure alone is not the best indicator of a healthy cardiovascular system
(I don't think I'm misrepresenting his view--at least it's how I view it.)

All the internal energy arts
(Qigong, Tai Chi, bagua, hsing-I)
work on the cardiovascular system;
mainly through breathing--
opening and closing the vascular system, as well as all organs, as well as all energy gates (dantians, left and right and central channels, all other energy gates in the energy arts system).

Inhale and constrict (compress) arteries and veins.
Exhale and dilate them.

Meditation is an excellent tool to cultivate good breathing.
Yoga, too.
Tai Chi for sure.

When going to the dentist,
you have to wait 5 minutes in the dentist chair
for the dental hygienist to clean your teeth.
The first thing the hygentist does is take your blood pressure.
Use that 5 minutes to experiment:
breath slowly, softly;
it can drop your blood pressure below normal--
I can drop it to 100/70.

(But I've been meditating, practicing good breathing ,every night since

Any version of meditation works

patience and persistence

Best regards

David Rauch
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As you know blood pressure

As you know blood pressure issues can come from multiple sources. Let’s say for simplicity sake that it is a matter of outside stress causing a response in your body that constricts the circulatory system.
The “Fight or Flight” response releases hormones that constrict the vessels. This can lead to high blood pressure. Unfortunately, we run daily with the “tap” turned on at various levels. Maybe we are not experiencing a full adrenal response but, we often use more than we need. If we do this long enough then we mistake it for normal operating procedure.
I found that energy gates was step one. It’s simple physically and allows you to start the internal scanning process. This allowed me to feel the internal pressure that I was carrying. It also allowed me to have a baseline to notice when my experiences in the day increased that pressure.
As to breathing. I have observed and experienced that when breathing that any pressured or restricted breathing makes me feel tense and constricted. My thoughts are to soften the breath and practice softening it as the day progresses. Stress related B.P. increases with the day as things add on.
Good luck.


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