Karmic explosion - anyone experience this before?

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Andrew Chow
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Hello I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this but here goes:

I have been removing blocks from my body for several years now. Here's my experiences and the problem "karmic explosion"

Physical level: just kinda push on it (like pysio therapist), or focus your mind on it and outer/inner dissolve, or vibrate it and pull the block out... usually goes away right there and does not come back.

Chi level: dissolving, flowing yin down / through the block... a bit more difficult but goes away.

emotional level: scan your organs / body and look for triggers of emotions. try to bring out an emotion to see if it triggers something. Once triggered you let it flow through you. once emotion intensity has flowed out then trigger it again a little and flow out. repeat and eventually the emotional block is cleared. Note: if you are not clear in the 2 lower levels you could have bombs going off. e.g. the trigger releases sadness, but then hits an unresolved chi block in your gut. The sadness slams into the gut block and you also get physical pain.

Mental level: scan your mind, and your thoughts. Look for things that are not right poke at it very little to see what it is and what is triggered. I ran in to a huge mental block and when i did this it surged through my system. Thoughts activated more thoughts each though activating sets of emotions each emotion cascading through my body. I was clear at the lower levels but i still felt numb and wrecked. I let things flow through me as they came. It took several days to clear though. There was a clear path though to the clearing the mental block.

After that i kept clearing blocks, cleaning out junk from the environment and society. Building power via Hsing-i and doing bagua...

Then several months ago: it left like i made a major jump. then it felt like my body suddenly opened up. e.g. my body channels were 2cm wide - then they suddenly opened to 20cm wide. Good right! - no... I think the channel opened up so fast that everything just filled with junk. It's like my body just sucked up all the garbage at who knows what level (emotion/mental/psychic/...). It knocked me out. it was like my channels opened up but my power level was not high enough to fill the channels and all this junk invaded me. I slowly fought to get the junk out - i felt so weak. It took a month plus - but everything seemed crushed even my motivation and will to continue energy work.

So now... within the last month Boom... the "karmic explosion". I wasn't even looking for ti but crazy stuff around me finally got to a tipping point and ..."boom". it was similar to the mental bomb, but it was karmic... where all these events i could see the attachments / cause and effect / karmic path / ... the bomb rippled down the energy levels and i was in physical pain. Physically my lymph nodes swelled like crazy. I developed tissue masses...

Right now my body is back online and my power level is ok where i can do the things i could before. I can't impact the tissue masses though. I keep pulling things out and inner dissolve, but it just keeps coming back. I designed all kinds of qi-gong exercises, modified bagua / hsing-i moves to power energy through the area... it's slowly working if at all.... I'm thinking i need to focus on the psychic or karmic level block? But this hit me so fast i'm not sure how to do this.

Anyone experience this before? should i just keep cracking to the lower level or do i need to resolve the psychic / karmic level - or the physical will never go away and just keep coming back even if i do manage to fix it? Anyone with experience in dissolving psychic or karmic level block / explosions?

Any help would greatly be appreciated!!!

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