Unprepared kundalini opening - Qigong remedy possible?

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I received initiation when I was only 16 and had a big Kundalini opening.
It created a lot of imbalance which remains more or less similar 34 years later ) :
It cannot go back to pre opening, but I cannot do yogic sadhana because it will only reignite an existing imbalance.
So I am looking to Qigong to help bring the energy down, balance, purify, move, ground.
Can Qigong have this action, or would it more likely also reignite the kundalini energy blockage?
I'm willing to put in the daily practice, and there is a good diet, exercise, nature, acupuncture etc in place for quite a while.
And same question for Qigong meditation?


Taokua B
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Hello, I can relate to that

Hello, I can relate to that situation and did go on a search to find how to deal with (myself), and found a few things (chief being here- among some others).. as an introduction, if you are a reader (student-type) I'd recommend the book "Opening the Energy Gates" (by Bruce F. on this site or Amazon, or even a library?)

- espec the section at the back (recovery from chi-imbalances.. which describes many methods in a "clear way" and one can see "no pain/no gain" of course context-interps actually do not make much sense.. -this website has sections (above tabs) that cover the distinction of Fire Method (new school) and Water Method (old school)..

[also, I find most "energy-raising" systems taught popularly are smorgasbord -ie a bit of this and a bit of that, mixed up.. thus results are not too surprising to be uneven.. also many are taught so student can "feel something" (they sense something is happening), but then it may continue out of control.. (vs a slow and steady that may or may not actually get started). ]

So info can be found- if you read-found all in this site (if you want to get free, if you want more in-depth, the book above, as well as the two others Relaxing into your Being, and the Great Stillness... cover the Water methodology (contrasted to Fire method, in what to do, and in particular how it can help develop-yet-stabilize/soothe ie "fix" :)

Beyond those 3 bks, and info here, (such as prior-past forum posts, as I and others have written about this in a few other forum-comments that may be of interest- some time to find, but no cost, vs the above bks are presented-orderly..) but the key, would be not "make it happen" mind-set, and yet still being "involved/engaged/alive"...

(our culture, and the training methods, often triggers argh-make it, or disconnect from = "let-go" which isn't let-go.. a new meaning to relax as 'release' ~sung).... so any new practice, I'd say should have that quality, and not the rev-up opposite (and realize if all habits, even just looking and reading these words have been trained-infused with that sense of buzz-activation.. it may have tweaked, so that many things need to be relearned, back to the drawing-board, but then a "way" of doing, changes alot.

I hope above might be of some interest and value, if you've gone into that and find something let us know.

(consider it a process, and onward from here- like hiking-climbing a hill/mtn.. however practiced to get to where you are, if you change your method, it is to climb on.. not invalidating what was done before (including any "imabalances/injuries" if seen that way, all experience).

Robert Hughes
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Thanks Taokua. Yoga and

Thanks Taokua.

Yoga and Qigong share roots and practices.
They can compliment each other.

I’ve practiced yoga (mainly Hatha Yoga) since 1965.
I’ve never experienced kundalini (coiling spiritual energy).
I’ve never specifically practiced Kundalini Yoga.

I’ve practiced Tai Chi (mainly Yang style) since 1993.
I have experienced Qi, I can feel it and see it.
Daoyin’s purpose is to balance yin and yang energies.

Yoga generally focuses on cultivating energy in ever higher phases—having kundalini energy rise to the brow/crown charkra is the highest level of development.

Qigong, on the other hand, focuses on a balance of Heaven and Earth, rooting energy in the Earth as well as approaching Heaven.

In yoga if one neglects the balancing of chakras, the higher energy prevails. This can cause imbalance.

Qigong incorporates the down with the up.
This prevents Qi or Kundalini from stagnating in the head.

Of course, improper practice of Yoga or Qigong can lead to problems which effect health.

This is why I usually meditate after practicing Yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi/Bagua.

Best regards,


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Thanks for your perspectives.

Thanks for your perspectives. : )

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