Dou jin (dou jing)

The internal martial art technique of vibrating or shaking the body suddenly and with great force. Dou jin is used to issue power at a short distance, deliver powerful strikes when one is smothered with little or no distance to hit or do fa jin, or to change direction mid-motion and hit opponents who bob and weave like Western boxers.

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In November 2009 I was lucky to attend The Chi Rev Workout workshop in Basel Switzerland with Bruce. There I learned D&T movement 1, 4 and 5 and began practicing on a regular basis.

Since then - the really great thing is - that I do not suffer from springtime pollen allergies anymore. This is my 3rd year allergy free.

Recently I completed the online D&T course and I am now able to perform the full set of seven movements with ease.


Hansruedi Jörg