Migration Timeline: Former to New Certification System


A Message from Bruce

March 25, 2022

Hi folks,

It’s Bruce here with a message for Energy Arts Instructors regarding the upcoming changes to the instructor (re)certification process.

For starters, I want to clarify that my teaching system is not changing and I invite all Energy Arts Instructors to visit me at the Tao Space to study directly with me. I’m teaching weekly classes for the first time since the 1990s, so there are more opportunities to train with me than ever before.

The two things that are changing are as follows:

I will continue to hand off to Senior Instructors responsibilities relating to EA Instructor certification, so that I can focus on passing down the lineage teachings. This has always been my plan, once I had a consecrated space, which I now have.

My school, Energy Arts, will certify new EA Instructors and re-certify all current Instructors in the new, eight-level curriculum from here forward. This certification model is only different from the former one in that it breaks down and delineates the skills required for each level of instructor certification in order to make the material itself – and the path to becoming a teacher – clearer and more accessible. For years, I have received feedback that students feel it takes too long to progress through the levels of the Energy Arts System, which deters them from continuing their studies. The re-calibrated certification levels are being implemented to support student/instructor development, and to allow our school to grow.

As a reminder, more information about the eight-level-learning progression can be found in Paul Cavel’s recent blog.

You can also view the eight-level curriculum to understand how the new approach will apply to the core qigong subjects of Energy Gates Qigong, Dragon and Tiger Qigong, Heaven and Earth Qigong, as well as the new Foundational Qigong.

The eight-level progression is designed to support:

• New and existing students by furthering their understanding of the modular, integrative nature of our tradition, and how to approach training according to their needs and interests.

• Prospective instructors entering into the system, so they can focus on training and starting to teach at a foundational level.

• You as a current instructor by: (1) giving you an opportunity to upgrade your certification level, so that it better represents your current capacities as a practitioner and a teacher; and (2) clarifying the path forward, so you can advance to even higher certification levels in more easily achievable steps than the former system allowed.

• You can use the eight-level progression as a blueprint for how to organize classes, but there is no requirement for you to do so. You are not required to attend any training or course to stay in the system, and I encourage you to continue teaching as you have been doing. The eight levels simply form a model for learning, teaching and structuring classes that you can use as a guide.


Recertification in the New System

Re-certifying in the new system is an opportunity for you to upgrade your current certification level(s). It’s also an opportunity for Energy Arts to address some of the problems my team and I have identified with the former certification system, and offer more support and benefit to the EA Instructors who keep their certifications current and teach classes.

After careful consideration, I am requesting that Energy Arts Instructors re-certify in the new system within the next couple of years.

You may choose not to re-certify in the new system. There is no requirement for you to re-certify, and you may continue teaching all the material for which you have been certified. The only caveat is that EA Instructor benefits will only be available to those who re-certify in the new system once we migrate over to it. My office expects this process will take until summer 2024, so you have plenty of time to make your decision, and schedule a recertification evaluation or attend a course with an Instructor Certifier.

To begin the recertification process this summer, my three Instructor Certifiers, Craig Barnes, Paul Cavel and Bill Ryan, will hold a one-week recertification and upgrade retreat in the core qigong subjects of Dragon and Tiger, Energy Gates and Heaven and Earth at the Tao Space in Colorado, July 17-23, 2022.

They will assist me by helping to train up the next tier of EA Instructors and, in so doing, will initiate the hand-off process necessary for me to fully open up the lineage track of study. Traditionally, this depth of training is only offered to disciples and could be thought of as university-level education in Taoist arts. There are many considerations that go beyond the scope of my intentions here, which I’ll share in more depth in time and as appropriate.

To fulfill their part, Craig, Paul and Bill intend to offer recertification and mentorship to teachers and prospective teachers in a more personalized way – both here at the center and in their own classes. They will focus on giving you feedback to help you achieve the highest levels possible in the new certification system and, more importantly, grow your skill set as a practitioner and teacher. They each have more than 30 years experience training neigong and can offer you invaluable guidance. For clarity, their input will not interfere with or limit your access to me.

You do not have to attend the summer retreats in order to be re-certified in the core qigong subjects. Other opportunities will be offered as listed in the migration timeline that follows this message. We will post updates on this page, so you can check in on certification status updates anytime.

During recertification evaluations, Instructor Certifiers will observe your skills and assign you a new level based on where your skills fall within the criteria of the new system. Since certification standards varied for Instructor Trainings in the same subject from one retreat to another, current certification levels do not automatically convert to the new system. There are distinctions in both the depth and breadth of skills required for each level based on when you were certified.

For this reason, I have asked my Instructor Certifiers to assign levels according to the eight-level curriculum in your next recertification test. In most cases, certification levels will end up being higher than they are currently.

View the equivalencies between the former and new systems. 


Energy Gates Qigong Certifications

• Current Level 1 – Can upgrade to a Level 2 or 3 in the new system 

• Current Level 2 – Can upgrade to a Level 4 to 6 in the new system

• Instructor Certifiers will re-certify Levels 1-5 in the new system; if they observe that you meet the criteria for Level 6, you can schedule a test with me (in-person only


Dragon and Tiger Qigong Certifications

•Current Level 1 – Can upgrade to a Level 2 or 3 in the new system 

•Current Level 2 – Can upgrade to a Level 4 to 6 in the new system

•Instructor Certifiers will re-certify Levels 1-6 in the new system


Heaven and Earth Qigong Certifications

• Current Physical Movements – Can upgrade to a Level 1 to 6 in the new system

• Current Level 1 – Can upgrade to a Level 2 to 6 in the new system

• Current Level 2 – Can upgrade to as high as a Level 7 in the new system

• Instructor Certifiers will re-certify Levels 1-6 in the new system; if they observe that you meet the criteria for Level 7, you can schedule a test with me (in-person only)

Important: If you currently hold a Level 1 certification in any of these subjects, but you participated in the Level 2 or higher track of the Instructor Training that you attended, you are eligible to test for up to a Level 6 in Energy Gates and Dragon and Tiger Qigong, and up to a Level 7 in Heaven and Earth Qigong.

Similarly, if you – or anyone you know – attended an Instructor Training in any of these subjects, participated fully in the Level 1 track and did not receive a certification, you – or they – are eligible to test for certification in the new system as follows: up to a Level 3 in Energy Gates and Dragon and Tiger Qigongs, or up to a Level 6 in Heaven and Earth Qigong.

For those who cannot make it to Colorado this summer, you can schedule a recertification meeting online via Zoom as of October 2022 to test for Dragon and Tiger, Energy Gates, and Heaven and Earth Qigongs.

You will have more than a year to upgrade certifications for these three core qigong subjects, and more than two years to re-certify in all other subjects.

(Re)Certifications in the new system will be valid for five years, at which point recertification will be required (instead of every two years as in the former system). I’m extending the time period to take off pressure and reduce the number of tests, especially for those of you who hold multiple certifications.

In 2023, I will begin teaching one-day, instructor-only workshops as the next phase of opening up the lineage track of study. Passing down some responsibilities to the Senior Instructors will enable me to transition into teaching a dedicated group of students who wish to take the Taoist path as far as they can go with it.

I thank you for your efforts to help me share the Water Tradition teachings. Look for messages from my team, who will be in touch with reminders and more details to guide you through each step of the migration process.

In the meantime, I invite you to come and train with me at the center, where you can find me teaching almost year-round.

Everything furthers,
Master Bruce K. Frantzis


Migration Timeline: Former to New System

Effective immediately – Energy Arts Re-certifiers will no longer offer recertifications in the former certification system.

July 17-August 5, 2022 – This will be the first opportunity to test for recertification in the new system in the core Dragon and Tiger, Energy Gates and Heaven and Earth Qigongs at either the SI-led or Bruce’s summer retreats.

September 2022 – Energy Arts will begin posting upgraded recertification levels on the website (alongside the former system).

October-December 2022 – Instructor Certifiers will begin offering recertification appointments in-person and online; Instructors can choose one of the following:

  • Testing together with another Instructor in a one-hour meeting with Paul Cavel or Bill Ryan
  • Booking a 45-minute (minimum) private lesson with Craig Barnes, Paul Cavel or Bill Ryan

More details TBA Summer 2022

January 2023 – Bruce requests all Energy Arts Instructors complete 12 hours of training per year with an Instructor who has a minimum of a Level 4 (former Level 2) certification. All Energy Arts subjects, as well as TSL, online and private lessons count, as long as the Instructor has a Level 4 certification or above. 

April 2023 – Bruce, with assistance by his Senior Instructors, will offer four, one-day instructor-only workshops per year with live and online options for attendance.

June 2023 – Dragon and Tiger, Energy Gates and Heaven and Earth Qigong Instructors must be re-certified in the new system to be considered as holding current EA Instructor certifications. At this point, you would still be considered current if you hold at least one certification in any other non-core subject.

With at least one current certification, you will continue to receive an EA website Instructor profile, invitations to instructor-only courses and maintain your Instructor discount (10% off Energy Arts courses and products).

June 2024 – This is our target date for re-certifying Instructors in all other subjects, and fully switching over to the new certification system on the website. Only current Instructors will receive Instructor-only benefits from this point forward.

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