All Gods Playing In The Clouds Qigong – Level 1

  • Paul Parramore

    I have been an Energy Arts Certified instructor since 2011 and that course was a true revelation for me as I had already trained with other well-qualified practitioners and brought a breadth of knowledge with me to that first training but found that this was a turning point in my Read more [...]

  • Steven Cardoza M.S. L.Ac.

    Steven Cardoza, M.Sc., L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, bodyworker, medical qigong practitioner, and nutrition counselor with a private practice in the Boston area. He is certified to teach Wu taiji and qigong by Taoist lineage holder Master Bruce Frantzis. Articles by this Instructor: Qigong Basics for Everyone

  • Aaron Green

    Hello. My name is Aaron Green. I am a Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor.  I offer this material through workshops and seminars around the US and Canada. 

  • Ana Sorina Popa

    Since 2007 Ana has attended workshops, retreats and instructor trainings with Master Bruce Frantzis in subjects ranging from Circle Walking, Dao Yoga, and I Ching Meditation to Tai Chi and various qigong forms. She is an Energy Arts certified instructor in Wu style Tai Chi Short Form, Dragon and Tiger Read more [...]

  • Trevor Barry

    I’ve been studying Taiji and internal arts since 1984 and teaching since 1989. Like many young people I was captivated by the Kung Fu phenomena that swept the world in the 70’s and once I graduated from University in 1981 I set about finding a school and looked at all sorts Read more [...]

  • Chris Cinnamon

    Based in downtown Chicago, Chris Cinnamon is a lawyer, martial artist, exercise physiologist, and owner of Chicago Tai Chi. Chicago Tai Chi is the leading Tai Chi school in Chicago, offering classes, private instruction, workshops, online courses, and corporate programs. Chris is also the creator of Tai Chi for Knee Read more [...]

  • Kurt Miyajima

    Kurt Miyajima is a certified Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gung, & Taoist Longevity Breathing instructor with over 30 years of study & training. He has taught publicly on Maui since 1991 for various groups & private organizations ranging from luxury resorts to state funded organizations, medical groups, senior communities, non-profits, Read more [...]

  • Alexander Daniel Connor

    Alex began his involvement in the martial arts at a young age, studying with world renowned practitioners of wing chun, thai boxing, karate and tai chi. Since 2004, he has been training intensively in neigong, tai chi and meditation with his principal teacher, Taoist master Bruce Frantzis. Over the last Read more [...]

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