Internal Martial Arts Secrets

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“Bruce Frantzis has a depth and
breadth of knowledge in nei jia (internal arts) that few Westerners possess.” – Don Ethan Miller
Four-time national USA tai chi Push Hands
champion. Over thirty-five years experience in Asian martial arts.

“This work (Book-Power of Internal Martial Arts) by Bruce Frantzis on
the practical structures and essence of the internal systems is definitive… A
must for all serious martial arts students.” – Stan Israel
Senior student of renowned tai chi master, Chen Man-ching. Holder of
black belts in judo, karate and jujitsu.

“Bruce Frantzis is one of the
few Westerners to comprehend the Taoist internal martial arts system. For those
seeking to understand energy principles in their martial art, Frantzis has now opened the Way.” – Robert Nadeau
Aikido Sixth-Degree Black Belt. Driector of City Aikido, San

Martial Arts Authority Bruce Frantzis Reveals the Most DIRECT Method YOU Can Use for Internal Power, Chi and to Build a Strong Body & Mind.

Discover HOW TO use exact training methods and the practices to build
and generate POWER, HEALTH and CLEAR INTENT.

In this illuminating and refreshingly honest, never-before-seen video, Bruce
Frantzis explains the principles of of Hsing-i Five Elements, Santi and the postures I Chuan, how they were used in traditional training and
how he learned them in China and Taiwan.

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  • How to practice and build Internal Martial Power
  • How the Internal Martial Arts of Hsing-i, Tai Chi and Bagua compare to each other
  • How
    the Internal Martial Arts can help heal your body
    from years of injury
  • Three qualities of Hsing-i that make it one
    of the most powerful and respected of all martial arts in China
  • How specific standing
    open up your Yang merdians; the effect
    being both strength and health, even into old age
  • and lots more…

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