Bagua: Roll the Ball

Here Bruce demonstrates Roll the Ball  a practice that is associated with bagua rou shou and fighting applications rather than with the circle walking and meditation aspects. In this bagua practice the arms encase a sphere in space and the movement originates from the lower tantien and feet, expressing itself in the arms and hands. As the arms move, the sphere must remain stable and not be cut in any direction or angle.

All MMA (未認証ユーザー) wrote 22週 5日 ago

nice training

nice training you've been training for a long time. awesome that you've stuck with it for so many years. I just started looking into this type of marital arts and I'm liking it. Looking forward to some more of your instructional videos.

I like how you break it down...good commentary !

Tim Kavanagh (未認証ユーザー) wrote 33週 3日 ago

Looking in this direction for wisdom and self discovery

I am intrigued your work. I am a counselor in Montrose, CO. I have been in practice here for over 40 years and will be completely retiring by my 70th birthday--I am 69 now. I am interested in meeting you and talking about how your work could help me in my transition. Hope to meet you soon. I have been hearing about you for several years from my work with PTSD Vets, and several other clients.

ユーザー Energy Arts Team 1 の写真
Energy Arts Team 1 wrote 33週 3日 ago

Fortunate ones

Hello Tim.

Thank you for your interest in Energy Arts!  It's very fortuitous that you contacted us as we have a Senior Instructor named Lee Burkins who lives and teaches in Montrose, working specifically with veterans and those suffering from PTSD.

You can read more about him here:

There's also a short documentary film highlighting his career here:

We are going to email Lee and let him know to be in touch and hope that you are able to connect soon!  He's a fantastic instructor and human being.

Kind Regards, 

Energy Arts Team

Ray Pamias (未認証ユーザー) wrote 1年 6週 ago

Roll The Ball

I forgot where I learned it, probably when Bruce was in NY in the 70's. It reminds me of playing with a Slinky. Years later I got bored doing it the way it was taught to me - double weighted stance, stable, so the waist has a good base upon which to rotate - I started having playing with the size of the ball, the speed of the movement, shifting of weight, stepping while rolling the ball, even the intent, angles and applications of the movement, since I actually apply my meager skill on rare occasion in the course of my employment as a nightclub manager in the Big Apple..
I was sure I was inventing moves just for fun, now it turns out I wasn't far from the mark, after all. Imagine my relief! Now when I practice I have a much clearer image of what I am doing, and a guide for improvement. Cool!
Thanks for letting me bore you for a few minutes.
Joy to you all.

JamesMMA (未認証ユーザー) wrote 1年 14週 ago

This is a really good video

This is a really good video of bagua. More post like this please!

Penny MacNeil (未認証ユーザー) wrote 1年 18週 ago

Bagua: Roll the ball

This is what I'm talkin' about. :)

Love it.

In the Bagua program do you get into the deeper meanings behind the movements? I appreciate how the teachings, being presented sometimes in an abstract way gives space for personal interpretation, yet it seems that (for me) to be able to have focused intent is helpful. I love being helpful. <3


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