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Often at retreats and from students the question arises; "What is the difference between qigong and tai chi?" In this article we will explore this...
Although internal arts practice and the process of embodying ever-deeper layers of nei gong is a lifetime pursuit for the most dedicated...
Within internal martial arts, internal power is taught through two primary methods. In the first you learn internal power by first studying neigong/...

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  • ニューヨーク州
    Tel: 917-702-9488
    Craig became interested and began his study of Taoism, internal martial arts, and meditation in High school. Several years later in 1987 he took his first class with Bruce and has been studying with him ever since. He teaches on both the East and West coast.

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気功はバランスの良い見方と冷静さを保てるようにストレスと不安を取り除いてくれました。長命呼吸法のように比較的簡単なテクニックを、高度な方法、例えばGods Playing in the Clouds気功、エネルギーゲート気功、道家「水」瞑想法、と一緒に行うことで、私は気功中に健康や全体的幸福感を強く維持してくれる素晴らしい味方を発見しました。

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