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I have been practising Tai Chi and Qigong for many years (c15) and it has been the love of my life since I started. I came across Bruce's work in 2015 at a week long retreat in Oxford and I was blown away. I also attended his Ibiza Bagua retreat in 2016. This work is deeply transformational on many levels and once I started training with Bruce and some of his Energy Arts teachers (Aaron Green, Oct 2015) I entered a world of the real internal energetics of this practise. Formerly, I was a female multi times bodybuilding world champion where all the focus in training was on the external physique, the size, shape and definition of muscle. I believed then that I had the ultimate levels of fitness.I trained hard and ate right and yes I was strong and extremely fit. However, Bruce's work teaches me the importance of internal health, and unlearning that pure external focus has been a revelation for me and learning to go inside has been life changing. As well as training with person at Bruce's live events I have subscribed to the online support for the various forms. The quality of the online learning and supporting books is first class, I feel as if I am at a live class, which is critical for online learning.
Bruce's work is brilliant, and is positively enhancing my life physically, energy-wise, mentally, spiritually. I feel more peaceful, happy, balanced and have tools to practise, deepen and sustain my energy and resilience, I love Bruce's style of teaching, down to earth and very real. and I feel very privileged and blessed to have him as a teacher to guide me, along with this wonderful Energy Arts community.

Bernie Price, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Miss World and Miss Universe Bodybuilding Champion (5 times grand slam champion)

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In the last three decades I have been trained by some of the leading Western experts in Sexual Meditation, but none of them showed me the depth of material presented in Bruce Frantzis' new book "Taoist Sexual Meditation". It is a quantum leap forward in the field of sexual meditation!

Adrian Schweizer