New Course Launch

The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts:

How to Develop Your Qi Power for
Healing, Martial Arts & Meditation

Hi folks,

Welcome to our new online program, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts.

This qigong course features Energy Arts Senior Instructor Paul Cavel who has been teaching for nearly 20 years. He has created a program that takes five specific exercises that every serious student must learn and master to be good and eventually great at qigong, tai chi and bagua.

You could also call these Five Key exercises the Secrets to Longevity or the Secrets to Great Qigong, Tai Chi and Bagua.

Paul is a gifted teacher who is fully dedicated to these arts, teaching and traveling full time in Europe. I have seen him help others build extraordinary energetic foundations in their bodies. Paul is able to embody the arts and break them down into easy steps, so that you have the best chance of success and progress to great depths with these powerful Taoist energy arts.

The Five Keys take one core exercise from each of my foundational qigong sets, applying the Pareto principle states that 80 percent of the results come from 20 pecent of the work. With these Five Keys you will learn practices that are at the core of each qigong set, tai chi and bagua. This program also serves as an excellent introduction to see what Tao arts and qigong sets you are naturally drawn toward studying.

There is an old saying, "It is better to do one thing well then a thousand things poorly." I truly believe this program can help you learn core fundamental principles, that if done well, will better your practice. This is true for beginners and especially if you are interested in advancing to the highest levels. If you already practice any of the sets that are part of this program, you will discover deeper and deeper layers, rooting out your weaknesses and growing your potential each week. 

Whether you want to recharge your current practice or learn the fundamentals for the first time, The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts is great way to create a daily practice ritual now to keep your body energetically fit and healthy.

Enjoy the course,

Bruce Frantzis

Message from Paul Cavel

For over 25 years I’ve studied Tao arts in-depth, including qigong, tai chi, bagua, Tao meditation and qigong tui na. Through my own courses, one-to-one coaching and assisting my teacher on international instructor trainings, I've helped train thousands of students since 1995. After years of teaching, I noticed that senior executives, lifetime martial artists and other athletes were often coming to me to boost performance and heal their bodies from injuries sustained from their sport. So I became a certified sports injury and deep tissue therapist to better integrate Eastern training methods with the Western mindset.

Over the years of training with my teacher, I've always focused on the questions, "What components are at play to create the synergy and fluidity that only masters seem to embody?" and "How can I train component pieces and integrate them in ways that improve my overall forms?" As a teacher totally commited to helping my students develop methods for achieving their goals, I've searched relentlessly for the most efficient and effective methods for creating positive change in body, mind and qi.

I came to realise that five key exercises from my teacher Bruce's qigong program form the foundation of all other exercises, including highly sophisticated and refined Tao arts like Gods Playing in the Clouds, tai chi, bagua and even Tao meditation. I've found that a concentrated, in-depth focus on these five exercises, the "Five Keys," as I like to call them, often lead to personal development in my clients and students beyond my and, more importantly, their expectations.

For many years, I have emphasized these component practices in just about every course I teach, and the results people have achieved have ranged from overcoming debilitating injuries, restoring balance in their bodies to improving focus and mind-body awareness to being able to concentrate better, especially for prolonged periods. I've watched as stress and tension has melted away and been replaced with a vibrancy and sense of life that is becoming too rare in the modern age.

Two important factors make the Five Keys so powerful. The first is that once you develop skill in one key, you can put that key into any energetic practice. A qigong set or movement form is just a container for internal techniques, called neigong in Chinese, which translates as "internal power development." The beauty of the keys is that the benefits you achieve from practice can be applied to any exercise you train. Whether you practice healing, martial arts, qigong, tai chi, yoga or meditation, by mastering the Five Keys you will increase the quality of your movement and potential qi power.

The second big realisation that I found both in my own body and in working with my students is that when you put two keys together, the result is not addition, such as 2+2+2+2=8. Instead, the results multiply, like 2x2x2x2=16, creating exponential qi power in the body. Over time and with dedicated practice, you can seriously boost qi development in a progressive yet safe manner. This is particularly remarkable because the exercises are so simple, just about anyone who can stand up and walk around can do them.

My Five Keys program is particularly suited to two types of students. The first is those who want to learn qigong from the ground up. If you're learning Tao arts for the first time, you'll walk a dramatically easier path by focusing on the fundamentals right from the start. You will learn the best methods and techniques to feel and cultivate your qi. However, this program is equally suited to experienced internal arts students and instructors who want to deepen their internal technique and energetic level. This program can help you release the tension and subtle blockages in your body, so you can accelerate your learning and attain a much higher skill level. It will also help teachers build lesson plans to help their students do the same.

I've designed the program, so that in just 10 weeks you can experience real results in your body, mind and qi. Of course, what you can achieve always depends on the accuracy and consistency of your practice. My program will teach you methods for precise training that yields benefits with just a few minutes of daily practice.

I look forward to training with you over the next 10 weeks in The Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts course.

Keep you practice alive and well, and it'll do the same for you,

Paul Cavel 


"You won't find a better guide into these core practices of qigong, tai chi, and other internal arts than Paul Cavel.
His teaching is clear, concise, extremely well-organized, and fun. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner or teacher this is an invaluable program. Each time that I watch him present this material, he triggers me to consider some element of learning or teaching these keys that I hadn't thought of before."

--Bill Ryan, Energy Arts Senior Instructor
Co-Director, Toward Harmony Tai Chi & Qigong, Northampton, MA
            Chief Instructor, Energy Arts' Dragon & Tiger Qigong Online Course


 The Secret to Superior Qigong, Tai Chi and Bagua

You often see people take up a sport and practice it for years without noticable improvement. Why is this?

Often it is because they do not understand the fundamental movement structure. They also do not practice the MOST important parts that will make the difference. This is the case from everything from golf to yoga and tai chi.

A secret of all those who have accheived greatness in what they do is to practice the component parts that make the diffference. This is also the secret to great qigong and tai chi.

If your breathing is poor, how can you be relaxed and flowing? If your alignments are offline, how can qi energy flow effortlessly? If you do not have circularity in your form and you constantly stop and start, you are creating the opposite of what you wish to achieve in your qigong and tai chi practice.

The Five Keys breaks down the most important components that you need to master Taoist energy arts. I have used this myself and taught thousands of people. These keys work and can help you improve any type of energy art.

The Five Keys are the building blocks for greatness. I'll deconstruct each Key, step by step. I'll show you the most effective methods. I'll guide you and give you practices that you can use to make a quantum leap in your practice.

"I regularly reach out to Paul when I want more insight into how to structure my training. He is incredibly articulate about stages of practice, how different sets are interwoven, and exactly what attributes will be developed by the different components of the art. Paul gives me a clear framework for organizing my own practice and sharing it with my students."

--Dan Kleiman, Boston, MA
Program Director of Brookline Tai Chi + Energy Arts Instructor


Let's take a look at the Five Keys, why each one is magic in itself and as how they supercharge the mind-body-qi matrix together:

 Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts

I've had the great opportunity to partner with my teacher Bruce to create a ten-week programme that will systematically build your foundation for all qi gong, tai chi and bagua forms—incredibly detailed and multifaceted arts considered to be lifelong practices.

Each of the keys can be practiced alone or in tandem with any or all other keys to boost the benefits of Tao arts training.

Over this ten-week course, you will learn each of the Five Keys in-depth and weave in specific aspects of the horizontal (turning and twisting) and vertical (bending and stretching) planes of motion, supercharging and strengthening your core with each progressive lesson.

Working with the horizontal and vertical planes together is what allows you deeper access to your insides. It also forms the basis for circularity and eventually spherical work in the internal arts, which all dedicated internal arts students aim to achieve.

"I've had some pretty remarkable results in this past month, I really can't thank you enough Paul for your wonderful teaching. My back is now better than it was before my injury-- in fact, I can even sleep on my left side now, which I'd not been able to do since I was 15. Moreover, some upper leg and hip pain/stiffness I'd been experiencing for about a year miraculously disappeared."

--Kym Brown, Vancouver, Canada

The First Key: Taoist Whole-body Breathing

Deep breathing techniques have been used by spiritual traditions since the dawn of time. Almost every stress reduction system of the modern age also includes some form of breathing exercises because breathing can be so helpful for calming the nervous system during stressful events and gaining access to your inner world.

To say more, my teacher has said that if could only teach one health practice it would be breathing because of how profoundly it affects health on every level.

Taoist, whole-body breathing methods:

  • Are a tool you can use anytime, anywhere to increase the circulation of blood and other bodily fluids, which are responsible for delivering life-sustaining nutrients to and removing waste by-products from the cells of your body.
  • Enable direct access to your nervous system to relax your body and mind--the necessary prerequisites for healing and achieving high-performance results of any kind.
  • Serve as the bridge to genuine meditation practice.

The Second Key: Standing Qigong and Outer Dissolving

Standing Qigong, including sinking qi and the Outer Dissolving technique will help you achieve proper postural alignments to ensure safe internal arts training, including to relax deeply and sink your qi--necessary prerequisites for Tao meditation, specifically Inner and Outer Dissolving.

The Dissolving technique systematically and progressively encourages the downwards flow of qi to:

  • More firmly ground and root your energy.
  • Help you become aware of physical and energetic blockages inside your body.
  • Clear any blockages you encounter in the physical or energy bodies, allowing you to let go and deeply relax.

Once you have dissolved any physical and energetic blockages—to the extent that you are able—you are ready to energise yourself with physical movements.


The Third Key: Dragon and Tiger Qigong Exercise 1

Dragon and Tiger Qigong was passed down to Bruce in China from Zhang Jia Hua, a doctor of Chinese medicine. She was extremely proficient in the use of qigong for medical purposes. At one time, she was the vice president of the All China Qigong Association.

The first movement from the Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong system is designed to teach students how to stir up, brush and pull and push qi to release and neutralise stagnant energy. Many students find it difficult to clearly feel qi en­ergy, even after some years of training.

Dragon and Tiger Exercise 1 can help you tune into and manipulate the eth­eric energy, commonly called the "aura", with your hands in progressive stages that can yield profound results. In time and with practice, the heightened aware­ness of qi energy can easily be transferred to other qigong, tai chi and bagua, generating a different quality of motion in all forms and boosting the results you can achieve from your training.

Ongoing practice of Dragon and Tiger strengthens and increases the etheric field, making it more tangible with increased spine and organ activity. All of it serves to help you pull and push more qi energy through your system, and achieve deeper relaxation and releases of bound energy.

In Chinese medicine, the tiger's immense strength and responsiveness are traits derived from the liver—hence the tiger is a metaphor for a healthy and strong liver. The dragon's ability to fly comes from the sophistication of their lungs—hence the dragon is a metaphor for healthy and strong lungs.

The Fourth Key: Energy Gate Qigong's Cloud Hands

Training on the Horizontal Plane of Motion to Create Circularity

The weight shift is the base of Clouds Hands, the first movement in the Opening the Energy Gates of your Body Qigong system. In combination with turning and twisting, practice elongates the muscles and stretches the fascia. Over time and with accurate training, you can loosen the muscles off the bone, giving you greater freedom of motion and dramatically reducing tension. But that's not all.

Since Cloud Hands activates bending-and-stretching, turning and twisting neigong in such a profound way, it allows you to access and activate the kwa. This is where whole-body motion becomes a possibility--that which what makes blood circulate more powerfully through your body, drives production of interstitial and lymph fluids and serves as an efficient tool for opening and healing the body.

This 3,000-year old movement is unparalleled by any single modern day exercise.

The Fifth Key: Tai Chi Circling Hands

Training on the Vertical Plane of Motion to Create Circularity

In Circling Hands, the kwa exercises go yet deeper into the body, creating a firm yet gentle massage for your internal organs, which further increases blood and fluid activation. In combination with the C-curve, this generates strong hydraulic activity that allows the body to be exercised from the inside out, while remaining extremely relaxed.

This is why Circling Hands releases the nerves and generates abundant qi—again, unparalleled technology not available in modern exercise programs.

Circling Hands develops the internal content inside the outer shell by upgrading and advancing the neigong exercises by lulling the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to feel, access and upgrade every function in your body.


 Learn These Powerful Keys in 10 Weeks

This 10-week program creates a potent synergy that is difficult to beat in 15-20 minutes. Beginners will learn the methodology for creating a firm grounding in neigong, while experienced students and instructors will improve and systematically upgrade their qigong, tai chi and/or bagua practice.

As you progress and practice the exercises in the program, you will:

  • Boost qi energy levels.
  • Stretch and open the soft tissues of your body, allowing blood and qi energy to circulate more powerfully.
  • Contact and release many layers of tension in the body, mind and qi.
  • Develop your ability to be present, aware, focused and to concentrate your efforts for greater effect.
  • Integrate the operations of your body, mind and qi, so thay more of you is available to focus on any goal you deem worth pursuing, such as healing from injury or illness, increasing health, fitness and vitality or achieving goals in your business, sport, hobby or life in general.

What People Are Saying...

"I attended Paul’s Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts class in London. My experience of the programme was invaluable in helping me further develop a solid foundation to continue enjoying and rapidly progressing in my tai chi and qigong practice. The programme addressed core skills and principles that I could transplant and apply immediately to other practices. It also delivered immediate results in, for example, releasing tension in my neck developed over long hours of computer use. In this regard I especially found the Dragon and Tiger Movement 1 class really beneficial. This, added to Paul’s high teaching abilities, in particular his capacity to clearly articulate (and demonstrate!) what you are trying to embody made this programme highly enjoyable. I am happy to recommend this programme as I believe it will help you to progress steadily and unambiguously in your internal arts practice."

--Elena Moreno, London, UK
Careers Manager at the University of Greenwich + Energy Arts Instructor

"I've known Paul for many years now and also had the chance to study his first online course. Paul has a very clear and precise style of teaching. Every exercise, every movement is split into its components and thoroughly explained from various angles. In his online-courses he literally takes you by the hand and leads you through the practice step by step. The online-course will be a good supplement to life teaching, either as an in-depth preparation or for reviewing the material."

--Michael Mettner, Stuttgart, Germany
Executive-Coach, Hypnotherapist, Non-Medical Practitioner + Energy Arts Instructor

"The Five Keys are good for your health and well-being. It is all very much a work in progress and I am only a beginner but the keys provide me with the tools to start addressing tensions and blockages layer by layer. Utilising Paul’s clear instruction, informative explanations and my own experience gained through the practise of these lessons has helped me correct alignments, sink rather than collapse, to feel whole body motion of bending and stretching throughout my spine from sacrum to occiput, from toe to hip and from finger to shoulder and begin to make this circular (no start or end point), to release tension by letting go and using the breath and then return back to better alignments, and so the circle of experiencing, learning and evolving continues. The practise of the Five keys has improved my health through improved mobility, better circulation noticeably the improved perfusion of blood in my hands and feet, good posture and interestingly coincides with a period of growing spiritual maturity. I whole heartedly recommend the up and coming The Five Keys online course."

--Jeremy Burton, London, UK

"I like Paul's very structured teaching, and his detailed and clear explanations, especially because English is not my native language. Paul's online course was great for deepening fundamental qigong movements and gave me a very good overview for building a weekly program and structuring my own qigong classes. It was the first time I did an online course and I liked to work in this format. It was easy to follow the practice lessons, they were clear and well built up. Besides the exercises I learned a lot of safety considerations and the value of qigong for health."

 --Elisabeth Broicher-Wachter, Köln, Germany
Energy Arts Instructor

"Paul Cavel's precise and clear teaching of the physical mechanics and the energetic flows has personally provided a solid foundation in my Qi Gong practise. This consequently has enhanced a capacity of receptivity to the deeper aspects of Bruces teaching. Pauls Five Keys online course covers the fundamental aspects of Qi Gong which has provided this foundation."

--Pete Jenkins, Brighton, UK
Energy Arts Instructor

"I've studied with Paul for 7 years and taught qigong for 2 years. The elements of his Five Keys programme have built the foundation for my personal qigong practice and teachings, especially weaving together the different threads of neigong. I regularly use material from Paul's Five Keys programme in my qigong classes as well as elements of it in my daily work as a physiotherapist. The online course is a great guide for continuous improvement and in-depth understanding of qigong."

--Sebastian Heyer, Dresden, Germany
Physiotherapist + Energy Arts Instructor

"I have been training with Energy Arts since 2001, having first attending a weekend workshop with Bruce and having learnt so much that first weekend, I decided to learn more with Paul Cavel. I haven't looked back since! Paul's depth and breadth of understanding in the material he teaches is amazing. It's obvious from spending just a little time with him that he has complete dedication to his practice and from this, his passion for the Tao arts and practices comes out in his teaching. Paul's teaching style as well as his understanding of the material is what has kept me practicing and attending seminars. He is not only enthusiastic about what he teaches, but also has an innate ability to clearly and concisely teach, especially topics to most is us can be very difficult to understand. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the arts attend and/or watch his teaching seminars. I have recommended that all of my students sign up to his online program and I believe that anyone with any amount of experience who wants to learn more from a genuine source, spend their time and effort learning from Paul(s) program and/or courses."

--Mir Ali, Bedfordshire, UK
Acupuncturist,  Martial Artist + Energy Arts Instructor

The Five Keys 10-Week Online Program Offer

We will be starting the program soon and the course
will be open for new registrations for a short time.

After you register, Senior Instructor Paul Cavel
will guide you through the Five Keys over a 10-week period.


> OVER 80 succinct, carefully-crafted INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS
on how to easily and successfully learn each exercise:


1. An online private Five Keys to
Taoist Energy Arts Question and Answer Forum
community with Paul

2. Weekly downloadable Practice Logs that allow you to
easily track your learning and practice progress

plus two additional bonuses

BONUS #1 -
An Introduction to Tai Chi Circling

Hands Practice Guide PDF

In this detailed practice guide you will learn the first
part of Bruce's Tai Chi Circling HandsTM program, focusing
on vertical circles. This PDF contains over 110 pictures
and diagrams on the the critical alignments and
mechanics to master vertical Tai Chi Circling Hands. 

BONUS #2 -
A Guided Dissolving Meditation
Audio Practice Session

The Dissolving Method of Lao Tse is one of the most
useful methods to release and let go of whatever
is stuck inside. Paul gives you a powerful guided
dissolving meditation that you can use by itself
or with the 5 Keys in the program.

Additional Selected Trainings
with Bruce Frantzis
to Assist Your Growth and Learning:

Breathing 01 - Breathing and the Emotions
Breathing and depression
Releasing the stomach through the diaphragm
The connection between the mind and the diaphragm

Breathing 02 – Even Breathing into Front and Sides

Relaxing your eyes
Releasing tension on inhale and exhale
Using your eyes as an gateway to your nervous system

Breathing 03 - Lower Back Breathing Part 1

Activating your kidneys
Must get whole lower back region moving
Back pain

Breathing 04 - Lower Back Breathing Part 2

Opening soft tissues of lower back to access kidneys
Recognizing the kidneys
Increasing blood flow to sacrum and pelvis

Breathing 05 - Breathing into the Top of the Lungs

Creating even fluid flow in the brain
Dome of the Lungs
Partner Exercise for feeling the upper lungs

Standing 01 – Introduction

Sinking qi and how it relates to health, power and mental clarity
5 different kinds of qigong
Beginning pointers

Standing 02 - Beginner Level - Sinking Qi
Bruce's experiences with sinking qi
The importance of relaxation
The connection between standing qigong and sinking qi

Standing 03 - Beginner Practice - Sinking Qi
Relaxing the eyes
Sinking downward without collapsing
Sinking should be simultaneous throughout the body

Standing 04 - Intermediate Level - Connecting Mind, Body and Energy

Connecting the mind and body
Bruce's experiences with San Ti and seeing from the tantien
The difference between experiential and conceptual knowledge

Standing 05 - Intermediate Practice - Dissolving the Head and Brain

Sink into head, feel your brain
Dissolving the brain as far down as the 3rd eye
Resisting the temptation to visualization

Dragon and Tiger Move One 01 - Staying Present in Qigong
Relax and slow the mind down
Find the speed that brings awareness to the movement
Awareness exercise for contacting your qi body

Dragon and Tiger Move One 02 - Circular Breathing

How to coordinate the breath with the movement
Making the breathing more circular
The origin of dragon and tiger qigong

Cloud Hands 01 - Connecting the Arms to the Body

Connecting the energy from the body to the arms
Keeping the joints open for better qi flow
Connecting the arms to the spine

Cloud Hands 02 - Opening the Shoulder Blades
Strongly engaging the shoulder blades with the spine
Elbows pointing towards the ground
Hands aligned over the left and right channels

Cloud Hand 03 - Midriff and the Four Points
Opening the midriff to open space in the spine
Taking pressure off the diaphragm
Keeping the four points in alignment

Cloud Hands 04 - Turning the Waist

Connecting the legs through the waist
Keep within 70% of your capacity
Use the turning of the legs to move the waist

Cloud Hands 05 - Twisting the Muscles

Evenly turning
Twisting of the legs tends to influence internal organs
Twisting the arms benefits the glands and brain

Cloud Hands 06 - Turning the Waist Part 2

Twisting leads to spiraling qi
Spiraling as a core tenant of qigong tuina and internal martial arts

Tai Chi Circling Hands 01 - Circularity in the Body

Qi moves along circular pathways, in spiraling patterns
Circular motions increase qi circulation and enables tissues to stretch and open

Tai Chi Circling Hands 02 - Stances and Alignments

Stepping in tai chi with lead foot
Ankle action is extremely important to blood circulation
Back foot should always stay on the ground
Keep the weight shift equal, front and back

Tai Chi Circling Hands 03- Feet Positions

Keeping front foot flat vs. lifting front foot
Stretching from the inside of your foot and ankle

Tai Chi Circling Hands 04 - Stance Width

Importance of balance
Shoulder width vs. hip width, benefits and restrictions
Increasing your internal sense of balance

Tai Chi Circling Hands 05 - Narrow Stance

Turning is more difficult with a wider stance
Effects of stance width on the back

Tai Chi Circling Hands 06 - Stance Refinement

Softening and lengthening the ankles and fee
Opening up back of ankle on one foot, effects the other
Front foot turn

Tai Chi Circling Hands 07 - Relationship Between Heaven & Earth Qigong and Circling Hands
Physical movements of circling hands is related to tai chi
Internal movements resemble Heaven & Earth
Heaven & Earth will take the lessons of Circling Hands further

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you order, you'll get instant access
to watch Week 1 videos. You have access to download the videos
for a full 18 months