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Qi of the Moment: Spring

Happy Spring Everyone, The snow has begun to melt here in Colorado, and the seasons are beginning to shift. Each season brings a specific energy...

State of the Tao 2021

Very Happy Lunar New Year greetings to you all! In keeping with our annual tradition at Energy Arts and The Tao Space, I’d like to...

State of the Tao 2020

State of the Tao 2020 Although the Tao is beyond time and space, this year represents a new beginning in Chinese astrology. New beginnings are...

Qigong Secrets Part 1

Here are the first three Qigong Secrets in our new series. Watch our for more Qigong Secrets to come!

Taoist Sexual Meditation Q & A

Readers submitted around three hundred questions about the Taoist Sexual Book. About 95% of these questions are answered in great detail within the book. I...

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