Qigong Video: Gods Playing in the Clouds

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong is focused on the earth element. The Chinese thought in the world of qigong earth is about integrating the body. So its about integrating, at the end of the exercise set, all of the energies of the five elements. It takes all the internal energy practices, combines them, and then fulfills all the energetic practices inside of Taoism. This includes working with the three tantiens (dantiens) of the body, the left, right and central channels and many others. This qigong exercise has a very strong emphasis on the Heart-Mind, making it a bridge between qigong energy practices and Taoist meditation. In the beginning when you practice this set, it is primarily an energetic and health practice, but later on it becomes a primary moving meditation practice.

I learned this qigong exercise from my teacher Liu Hung Chieh, in Beijing, and this was the only qigong exercise that he did. This form of qigong and more specifically neigong is considered to be one of the oldest. It is considered to be the jewel in the crown of all the Taoist qigong longevity practices. In all my years in China, I had heard about this method from many people but very few knew what it was.

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