Qigong Video: Spiraling Energy Body

Spiraling Energy Body Qigong is an advanced program that teaches you to dramtically raise your energy level. As you learn this qigong set you learn how energy spirals throughout your body and how energy moves in circles. This practice will help you learn neigong for:

  • moving the rising flow of energy
  • projecting energy in the body's spiraling pathways
  • sending chi at will from different parts of the body and
  • activating both the left, right and central energy channels of the body as well as the microcosmic orbit

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Hello from Bulgaria! My name is Ivan Boyanov. This year I have had serious troubles with a bad infectious polyarthritis. Practically all my joints were attacked and the pain was severe. And guess what - I received the two volumes of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong books from my cousin as a present. With the help of this qigong, some other energy practices, diet and herbs I managed to clean my joints for two months and the bacteria is out of the system.…(more)

Ivan Boyanov, Bulgaria