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The following Qigong Videos show the Energy Arts Exercise program:

Qigong Video - Dragon and Tiger


Dragon and Tiger Qigong is the first of the moving qigong exercises in our program.

Dragon and Tiger was developed 1,500 years ago and came from the Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Temple was originally a place where Taoism and Buddhism fused inside of China.

This exercise set is known in China as medical qigong because it seeks to activate the acupuncture meridians in the body. It is comprised of only seven movements and each of those movements activates certain specific acupuncture meridian pathways in very distinct ways.

In all the qigong methods I meet in China, especially among medical qigong methods, this was the method I saw that I felt was the easist to learn and provided the bulk of the medical benefits of qigong.

Its second advantage is it teaches how to feel energy or how to feel chi. With practice just about everyone can learn to feel and move chi and this qigong exercise makes it about as easy as possible

The final aspect of Dragon and Tiger Qigong is it helps people feel the energy external to their body in their aura and to connect that energy to the inside of their physical body. This is a powerful qigong that has stood the test of time.

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Qigong Video - Energy Gates


Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qigong develops the water element inside of you. It is composed of a series of six qigong exercises.

The first one is standing and incorporates breathing and teaches a person how to become aware of the inside of their body. Through this a person learns the proper alignments so the chi is neither blocked nor dissapateed when doing a practice including other qigong sets or tai chi.

You then learn another exercise called Cloud Hands which connects a person to the interior of their body so all the different parts of ourselves that are not integrated join the body into one connected whole. Through that you work the chi flows within that one connected flow.

The next qigong exercise in Energy Gates is a series of three swings. The first gets the flow of energy into the lower internal organs of the body. The next swing gets the energy and chi to the middle part of the body including the internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. The final swing powerfully develops the ability to get energy up and down the body smoothly and fluidly.

The last qigong exercise in Energy Gates shows a person the basic principles of working with the spine in Taoism through a spine stretch. This is particularily useful for anyone who has back problems and anyone wishing to develop a well functioning back. This exercise is also extremely useful in releasing the nervious tension that is the after effect of stress - the most common chronic condition of the age we live.

Opening the Energy Gates of the Body in terms of doing classic Taoist exercises is probably the best foundation program and entry point to learn qigong.

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Qigong Video - Gods Playing in the Clouds

The last qigong exercise in the Energy Arts program I learned from my teacher in Beijing, Liu Hung Chieh, and this was the only qigong exercise that he did.

This qigong and more specifically neigong is considered to be one of the oldest. It is considered to be the jewel in the crown of all the Taoist qigong longevity practices. In all my years in China, I had heard about this method from many people but very few knew what it was.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong is the earth element and Chinese thought in the world of qigong, earth is about integrating the body.

So its about integrating at the end all of the energies of all of the five elements together. It takes all the internal energy practices, combines them and then goes to complete and fulfill all the energetic practices inside of Taoism including working with the three tantiens (dantiens) of the body, the left, right and central channels and many other things.

This qigong exercise has a very strong emphasis on the Heart-Mind, making it a bridge between qigong energy practices and Taoist meditation. In the beginning when you practice this set, it is primarily an energetic and health practice, but later on it becomes a primary moving meditation practice.

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