Praise for the Wonderful Dragon & Tiger Qigong Online Course

Dear Energy Arts Team,
I was fortunate to meet Bill Ryan and be introduced to some of D&T Qigong during his workshop 'The Art of Feeling Chi' Reading, UK (March 2018). I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and my curiousity was awakened so much that I signed up for the online course. Though quite a challenge to learn (especially the first couple of movements), the video demonstrations were great, the teaching intructions and advice given were very clear and so I felt encouraged to overcome the initial difficulties and go on to complete the entire program. I am very glad I did. Over the days and weeks of practicing, gradually piecing the movements of the full set together, I began to experinece chi more directly, more distinctly and to feel enormous benefits. My body has taken to all of the movements in the set and lets me know each time I practice that they feel good and right for my health and wellbeing. I am convinced that movements 6 & 7 have been particularly effective in clearing a skin condition I have had for a couple of years as well as dissolve tension in the jaw and forehead (though I cannot prove that this is so). It's altogether been a wonderful journey into the world of chi and I am delighted that the end of the 10 weeks is not the end... there are bonus videos and further study available. So thank you Energy Arts, thank you Bruce Frantzis to have brought these teachings back from China and thank you Bill Ryan for being such an inspiring and authentic teacher who truly embodies the work - your passion for it comes across well through the videos as do your kindness, humour and skill.

Diana Button, Italy

Yoga Teacher

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This tai chi training was a tranformational experience, breaking through one's sense of expectations, releasing stagnant areas in the body, mind and spirit.

L. Spiro