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We welcome you to read the testimonials in this section from those who have attended Energy Arts seminars or used our products. These stories are a testament to the transformational power of the practices Energy Arts teaches such as tai chi, qigong, bagua and meditation. You can read about people who have repaired their bodies, tapped into new energy reserves, and found peace of mind. Anything is possible! If you have your own story you would like to share please Contact Us

There be Dragons

Congratulations, Energy Arts and Bill Ryan for the D/T on-line course. The modelling I received from this course helped me improve my attitude towards my practice. Consequently, I've learned that a kind courage is needed to relax sufficiently to avoid the anxiety that naturally occurs during practice. I'm referring to anxiety about the next interruption that often seems to be waiting to propell my mind back into another "doing". Feeling my way out of that problem seems to help a lot...especially since a better awareness of the meridian lines his begun to occur.Read more...

Thank you from Melbourne, Australia

Thanks Bill, and assistant instructors Kaualani and Kurt, for a wonderful course. I'm from Melbourne, Australia, and we don't have any Energy Arts instructors here. I have Bruce's book and DVD, but didn't seriously get into it until the online course started. I found it a very simple and effective way of teaching. Thanks to you all. Cheers, John Saunders

John Saunders, Melbourne, Australia

Dragon Tiger on-line practice

Bill Ryan did a fantastic job with the Dragon Tiger on-line practice. He broke the practice down into manageable pieces. This on-line course is a great adjunct to the DVD and book. The interim steps to the postures made learning easy to understand. I also appreciate the way care was given to all levels and styles of learning. It was great to learn that there are 10 levels to Dragon Tiger practice. I look forward to growing well with Dragon Tiger. I watched my health improve and chi grow and develop in a great way! Thanks, Bill!Read more...

more Awareness

dear Bill and the team,
you all did a great job and I want to thankyou for it.
Several years ago I have learned different qigong exercises from several teachers, who came to Germany. Now they are not comming any more.

Inge Maertens, Germany

Enhanced performance

I really appreciate the teaching in Dragon and Tiger QI Gong. It has helped in other areas of study for me. It really compliments my standing practice and has increased my sensitivity to feeling the energy. If and when a new teaching comes out online I'm sure I'll take advantage of that too. I am very impressed that I could learn from online training; the quality of instruction and the ability to review everything was so helpful. I now have a daily practice I can depend on as a foundation to further progress and study and it is just enjoyable to do. Thanks to all who made it happen.

Algie Roberson, USA

2007 Comabat Conditioing Athlete of the Year awarded by Matt Furey, 1997 World Champion Shuai Chiao Kung Fu

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Online Course

In November 2009 I was lucky to attend The Chi Rev Workout workshop in Basel Switzerland with Bruce. There I learned D&T movement 1, 4 and 5 and began practicing on a regular basis.

Since then - the really great thing is - that I do not suffer from springtime pollen allergies anymore. This is my 3rd year allergy free.

Recently I completed the online D&T course and I am now able to perform the full set of seven movements with ease.

Hansruedi Jörg

Switzerland

Dragon and Tiger Qigong

November 2009 I was lucky to attend The Chi Rev Workout in Basel Switzerland with Bruce at Alexis place. This time I learnt D&T movement 1, 4 and 5 and I started practicing on a regular basis. Since then - the really great thing is - that I do not suffer from Pollen Allergy during spring time anymore and this for the 3rd year in a row already.

Hansruedi

One New Insight Each Day

The online Dragon and Tiger course in conjunction with having the instruction manual handy for clarification and self corrections have made for a rewarding experience. The creator of D&T knew he would seduce you with the magic of the first movement only to awaken you to the difficulty of the second one; at that point you're hooked. I've added my own rule to Bruce's 70% rule. "One new insight each day", which simply means I learn something new about D&T each day; an easy and fun challenge to meet (with each step you move forward the horizon moves that much futher away also).Read more...

Gratitude for the learning.

I have no spectacular stories to share. I have been studying various Tai Chi, Qigong and Taoist philosophies for 30+ years (mostly without the benefit of area teachers). Throughout this time, most of my practices were fairly haphazard as there were no teachers in my area or instruction available except by book & video. In late 2003 I had a heart attack and spent a few months recuperating and regaining my equanimity. A heart attack leaves one feeling vulnerable and tentative about many endeavors.

Edward Folwer, US

Slow but Sure

Thanks so much for these offerings...although I'm only at week 5 the power, simplicity and depth of this form have had me fully engaged...even so that upon being called away from my normal daily routines to attend to matters in other locations where access was not possible the steps I have so far integrated remained with me and I'm determined to follow be it and hundred thousand + Thanks...

sheila fowler USA

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I recently returned from a three week instructor training in a chi gung practice called “Gods Playing in the Clouds”. This intensive was held at Menlo College near San Francisco and I’d like to share some details about my experience.


Frank Iborra