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We welcome you to read the testimonials in this section from those who have attended Energy Arts seminars or used our products. These stories are a testament to the transformational power of the practices Energy Arts teaches such as tai chi, qigong, bagua and meditation. You can read about people who have repaired their bodies, tapped into new energy reserves, and found peace of mind. Anything is possible! If you have your own story you would like to share please Contact Us

Gratitude for Dragon and Tiger Qigong Course

Thank you so much for offering this course online. It is well organized,thorough ,and presented in an admirably relaxed and pleasant manner. The instructions and explanations are clear and the demonstrations offer the student the opportunity to adapt the form to their own body.

Richard C.Marsh US

professional teaching experience

had a great experience learning the basics of d+t qigong. the teaching seemed effortless and covered just about everything about the exercises that a beginner needs to know to achieve success. as i have learned with qigong, which was emphasized in this course, is: the proof is in the practice. the amazing effect produced by repeated simple physical movements on our many bodies strikes me dumb sometimes. profound gratitude to you all for sharing this rich qigong heritage. would love to continue with the rest of the series of qigong training if possible.
thanks again,
mark neuhaus

Depth of Practice

This course is unparalleled in the complete method of teaching. Having played Qigong for many years now, I found it a bit slow at first, but as with any good instruction, there are always new things to pick up or new ways of looking at old material. Thanks for the time and attention to detail of all those involved in practice, instruction and production of this course. It really makes good use of the internet and opens some new doors for those of us who don't have many local resources or the ability to travel for classes.

Kyri Comyn, USA

I'm confident this course should hopefully help me to cure my illness

Hi all

I truly hope this course will benefit many. It's really unique to access such knowledge so easily.

I believe the online course is the best method in many ways since many obstacles are erased: like to find time to practise, zeroing cost, time, or incapacity to travel, and the number of people reached is far greater than with other methods, and the course can be repeated time and again, and the step-by-step approach helps people to gradually master the moves.

Philippe Piriou, France

Great course!

Thanks to Bill, Kurt & Kaualani!

I learned about some good interim steps in the postures of Dragon Tiger. I also learned about how there are 10 levels of this practice. It was some very new and interesting parts of a familiar practice. A great supplement to the Book and DVD that Bruce had made. Your attention to details and how beginners learn was very nice. To pick the practice apart and then put it all together again was a wonderful experience. Pulling in more chi and growing the pearl were great highlights to the practice as well.Read more...

A Very Well Thought Out Program

This online teaching of the Dragon Tiger Qigong is an excellent program. The step by step teaching is easy to comprehend, each step in the process is explained and then demonstrated. The practices provided are helpful and with your effort guide you to your own learning. I am impressed by the thorough and well thought out online teaching. I practice now every day several times and I feel full of energy. Since I am a 68 year old grandma ....this is fabulous. Thank you.

Christl, Tallahassee, Florida

my online dragon and tiger

Thankyou all for the training. It has been a revelation to me. I'm a slow learner and I was relieved that you expect people to have some difficulty with the moves. Now that I have an approximation of them I shall go over and over the lessons , and I'm grateful you are giving us at least another year for this purpose.So far they have had the effect of slowing me down considerably which is good as I am a rather restless character, but I suspect that the real benefit of the energy side of the work is yet to come. The course is first-class.

Joan Hewitt England

Enjoyable and accessible

The team has done a great job leading me through the intricacies of Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong. I am going to make this my main practice as I am beginning to "sense" that my Qi is circulating. Thanks.

It is irritating that the testimonial has to be at least 50 words long.

Chris Richardson, Germany

Tai Chi Training

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to attend the Wu style short form. It is no exaggeration to say that what I learnt in one week, I couldn’t have learnt anywhere else in a lifetime.

Judy Shier

Holistic Practioner/Educator - Ontario, Canada

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong Retreat

I recently returned from a three week instructor training in a chi gung practice called “Gods Playing in the Clouds”. This intensive was held at Menlo College near San Francisco and I’d like to share some details about my experience.

This practice is considered the culmination and integration of all the practices in this system which comes from a lineage tradition in which Bruce Frantzis, the instructor, is the lineage holder. Those of you that attend our classes have experienced some of the energy gate practices from this system.

Frank Iborra

Founder White Crane Healing Arts

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This extraordinary book, written by one of the West's greatest living masters, offers nothing less than a course in the miracle of your own energy field. Bruce Frantzis has translated ancient Taoist practices into a modern program that manages to be both highly accessible and transformational, affording us all the opportunity to experience the wonder of the Tao firsthand.

Lynne McTaggart