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Tai Chi

Five Keys to Taoist Energy Arts 10-Week Online Program


Payment Plan: 3 easy monthly payments of $59.95 

This 10-week online program will help you systematically build a solid foundation for learning Taoist meditation and energy arts, including qigong, tai chi and bagua forms. You will learn some of the most important neigong or internal energy components that supercharge these arts. Mastering these five keys will enable you to advance rapidly.

You will learn the five essential exercises, which Paul calls the "Five Keys" that can be practiced alone or in tandem with other keys to boost the benefits of Taoist Energy Arts training.Read more...

Openings and Closings: Heaven & Earth Qigong and Tai Chi Circling Hands

Durham, NC, United States
1 July 2018 - 7 July 2018

We are excited to announce the first Energy Arts residential Summer retreats in many years.  ON-SITE ACCOMODATION IS ALREADY SOLD OUT

Deep below the surface of all authentic Taoist energy practices is the subtle opening and closing of your joints, circulatory system, internal organs, and cavities, which radiate outward to set the rhythm for the rest of your body and movements. If you learn how to control these subtle movements, then you learn how to harness the power of Qi in your physical and energetic bodies.

Openings and closings is one of the MOST important internal energy practices (Neigong) used to supercharge Qi development. In fact, openings and closings are so fundamental to Taoist energy arts that without them, you don’t have Tai Chi, Qigong, Bagua, Internal Martial Arts, or even meditation.

During this week long retreat Bruce will teach the practice of Openings and Closings neigong inside Heaven & Earth Qigong and Tai Chi Circling Hands. 

Send email to support@energyarts.com if you are interested in attending.


Participants staying onsite will check in on Sunday July 1 at 3:00pm.

Commuters/offsite participants will check-in Sunday July 1 at 3:00pm or Monday July 2 at 9:00am.

Frist class session: Monday July 2 at 10:00am.

Approximate daily course schedule July 2-6: 9:00am-4:00pm (with a two hour lunch break).

Last class session: Friday July 6 at 4:00pm.

Tai Chi - Health For Life [Book]

Tai Chi Health for Life is a comprehensive consumers' guide to understanding the value of tai chi rather than a "how to" book.  It does not teach any specific tai chi form, but provides valuable insight into a practice that is accessible to people of all ages, body types, and differing physical and mental capabilities. 

Widely known in China for its health benefits, it relieves many of the injuries common to so many of us today:  high blood pressure, chronic pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety and lung and circulatory problems. Read more...


Tai Chi for Beginners and Tai Chi Circling Hands Program


Price: two easy payments of $97

The Tai Chi for Beginners and Tai Chi Circling Hands™ Programs were designed for both those new to tai chi and for those seeking a solid understanding of the internal energetics of tai chi. This online program can be watched online and/or downloaded directly to your computer. It contains approximately 10 hours of step-by-step lessons.

There are two complete programs in one: the first teaches you the first 8 movements of the Wu style tai chi short form and the second teaches you a complete exercise set designed by Bruce Frantzis called Tai Chi Circling Hands.Read more...

Tai Chi for Taoist Meditation

Chicago, IL, United States
12 October 2018 - 14 October 2018

Tai Chi as Taoist meditation goes beyond improving physical health and martial skills. It can deepen your consciousness and resolve your inner mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual blockages. 

Tai Chi can awaken and free the soul or spirit, to bring more joy, balance and compassion into your life. Bruce learned these methods from Taoist and tai chi Lineage Master Liu Hung Chieh in Beijing. 

Tai Chi is commonly referred to as moving meditation. Tai Chi's slow, graceful movements can be used as a meditation to provide relaxed focus, to quiet the monkey mind and to engender a deep sense of relaxation that helps release inner tensions. Eventually it can become a means for deepening your awareness of and ability to relax on all levels of your being.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from Bruce, how to truly use tai chi as a moving meditation.

Price after Sep 10: $345 

Registration/Check-in: Oct 12 (Friday), 6:00 PM--First class session is 6:30-9:00PM.

Approximate daily course schedule on Oct 12-14 (Sat-Sun) is is 10:00AM-5:00PM with a two hour lunch break. Course schedule may be subject to change depending upon group dynamics.

Prerequisites: All levels welcome.


Tai Chi: Wu Style Short and Medium Forms

Durham, NC, United States
24 June 2018 - 30 June 2018

We are excited to announce the first Energy Arts residential Summer retreat in many years. Where Bruce will share his 40 plus years of experience practicing and teaching Tai chi, including his knowledge as a lineage holder in both the Wu style and Yang style of tai chi. On-site accommodation is limited, so register now. (SINGLES ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT)

Wu style tai chi is the second most popular style in the world. It was created directly from Yang Style Tai Chi and as such is the largest variant of the Yang style. However, unlike most traditions in Yang style Tai Chi, most Wu tai chi schools emphasize small, compact movements over large and medium-sized ones. The Yang and Wu tai chi styles, with all their variations, encompass the vast majority (80 percent or more) of all tai chi practitioners.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn the Wu Style Tai Chi form from the only known lineage holder of Wu and Yang style tai chi and Taoist meditation teacher in the West.If you have ever wanted to learn tai chi, this summer is the best time! The Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form that Bruce teaches was developed by Wu style co-founder Wu Jien Chuan. He personally taught it to Liu Hung Chieh, who taught it to Bruce. Bruce developed his Wu Style Short and Medium Form from this Long Form with the encouragement of his teacher Liu.

Send email to support@energyarts.com if you are interested in attending.


Participants staying onsite will check in on Sunday June 24 at 3:00pm.

Commuters/offsite participants will check-in Sunday June 24 at 3:00pm or Monday June 25 at 9:00am.

Frist class session: Monday June 25 at 10:00am.

Approximate daily course schedule June 25-29: 9:00am-4:00pm (with a two hour lunch break).Read more...

Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi & Meditation [CD]

Bruce Frantzis developed his Taoist Longevity Breathing® Program from traditional Taoist breathing methods that he acquired in his 40 years as a martial artist, chi master, Taoist priest and energetic healer.  Learn how to get more from each breath with simple exercises that can be practiced at any time. The Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi and Meditation 2-CD set will help you begin the process of breathing smoothly, evenly and strongly.Read more...


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A must read for those who are new to qigong, those who are already practitioners, and anyone interested in complementary medicine or self-help.

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