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Spiraling Energy Body within Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong

Oxford, United Kingdom
20 October 2018 - 24 October 2018

For the first time in decades, Bruce will teach how to apply the practice of Spiraling Energy Body within Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong in this special course.

Spiraling Energy Body greatly develops the energy work initiated in Energy Gates Qigong. The upwards current of energy and upwards dissolving are fully engaged, the energy gates of the body fully activated, and the resulting spiraling energy pathways between the energy gates energized. Spiraling Energy Body is the practice in Taoist neigong where all the energy channels of the body are first opened and then fully developed. This eventually includes the micro and macro-cosmic orbits of energy and channels at the body’s core, the right, left and central channels, which supply energy directly to the vital organs, central nervous system, brain, glands and spiritual dimensions.

This can revolutionize the energetic power of all our physical, mental and spiritual aspects, giving life to the well-known Taoist instruction: "The mind moves the chi, the chi moves the body". Taoist Qigong makes use of this greatly boosted, dynamic energy to rejuvenate all aspects of the body, energy and mind. Taoist Internal Martial Arts make uses this energy to greatly develop energetic sensitivity and power. Taoist Meditation makes use of it to fully open the heart, mind and spirit.

In the Water Method of Taoism, Gods Playing in the Clouds is considered the “jewel in the crown” of all qigong methods. Gods unifies the complete energy work of all Taoist Qigong with Taoist Meditation and so forms the perfect vehicle for developing the energetic power of Spiraling Energy Body within both qigong and meditation.

Price after Sep 15: $825 

Registration/Check-in: October 20 (Saturday), 9:00 AM--First class session is 10:00AM

Approximate daily course schedule on Oct 20-24 is10:00AM-5:00PM with a two lunch break. Course schedule may be subject to change depending upon group dynamics.


This training course is not recommended for those with any kind of mental health issues or major medical problems. We simply do not have the resources to handle these needs. Read more...


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John Hicks