The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi [Book]

The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi is a martial arts classic.  It reveals how the fighting strategies and development of chi energy within the internal martial arts – ba gua, tai chi and hsing-i – can give you a powerful edge over external martial arts like judo, tao kwon do, karate and kung fu. Never before has a lineage master shared such in-depth information about the techniques, health, healing and spiritual aspects of the internal martial arts or the 16-part neigong system.

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How can you be a powerful fighter without anger and aggression?  Chi is the key!  Rather than using muscular tension or anger for power, the internal martial arts teach you to use relaxation, chi and stillness of mind to acquire power and succeed in violent confrontations.  What is the good of having a punch that can knock out a horse if your mind is still cluttered with negative attitudes, thoughts and fears?  The power of chi can help you release these inner blockages and become a more effective fighter.

“As many of my internal teachers pointed out, external martial arts can teach the one, two, three sequences of external motion in fighting, but it is the internal martial arts that teach the internal power that allows the seeds of external martial arts to grow into strong trees.”  –Bruce Frantzis

Discover how chi energy can:

  • Increase speed, endurance and strength in any martial art
  • Improve health, reduce stress and balance emotions
  • Empower internal martial arts to become a path to spirituality
“Using this book as an invaluable resource, and with the patience of my good friends and other teachers, I've worked hard at comprehending the teachings to which I've been exposed.  Now skills like fa jin don't seem so impossible and daunting.  This book has been a steady companion for me and for so many others, always offering new inspiration with each consultation.  When my practice seems dull, I'm invigorated by seeing anew the wide range of what can be developed in training in these arts.”

Jess O'Brien, author of Nei Jia Quan

Five Characteristics of Internal Martial Arts

  1. All motions have a spiraling or twisting energy that involves all of the body parts, even the deepest fascia
  2. Includes an emphasis on liu he, the six combinations of the body that can be finely coordinated to maximize power
  3. Comprises movements that use all of the body systems connected with the spine to increase strength in the spinal column and stamina in the central nervous system
  4. Is attentive to the specifics of opening and closing joints and body cavities
  5. Opens the major energy channels of the body to allow greater energy flow within
"This work by Bruce Frantzis on the practical structures and essence of the interal systems is definitive.  It will become a classic and will serve a catalyst for kindred spirits.  A must for all serious students of the martial arts."

-Stan Israel, Senior student of renowned tai chi master Chen Man-Ching and holder of black  belts in judo, karate and jujitsu


Excerpt from  The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi:

The Value of Cross-Research in Martial Arts

There are a great many crossover areas in external, external/internal, and internal martial arts.  My own experience was that, whereas the external arts delivered much in the way of fighting applications and some in the way of chi development, it was the internal arts that fulfilled the complete range of my expectations. 

The large techniques of the external/internal martial arts usually operate from gross movements, each one of which comprises a single martial idea.  These same ideas and fighting techniques usually exist in the internal systems with more variety, subtlety, and with with smaller movements.  While in the more external arts, one martial idea is usually expressed as one large movement, in an internal martial art, the same idea is usually expressed in a much smaller and subtle movement, perhaps, for instance, as only tiny physical circles or even at the invisible level of pure intent about how energy is manifesting. 

The internal arts can achieve such aims because they are able to bring greater flexible power, sensitivity, speed, and awareness to that critical juncture in combat where the ability to manifest internal power within a microsecond can decide victory or defeat. 

Price: $27.95

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Sometimes it can take a setback to wake you up to what is valuable and what isn't. I had been fighting an intense legal battle with devastating effects on my business and on my health. I had to face starting over again very late in life. I couldn't do much about the drain on my time and money; however, I could do something about the drain on my health. Thank God for qigong!


Paul D. Keller