Tai Chi - Health For Life [Book]

Tai Chi Health for Life is a comprehensive consumers' guide to understanding the value of tai chi rather than a "how to" book.  It does not teach any specific tai chi form, but provides valuable insight into a practice that is accessible to people of all ages, body types, and differing physical and mental capabilities. 

Widely known in China for its health benefits, it relieves many of the injuries common to so many of us today:  high blood pressure, chronic pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety and lung and circulatory problems.

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How It Works for Health, Stress Relief and Longevity

 Tai Chi Health for Life helps people of all ages take control of their health and combat stress.  Chock full of pragmatic information on how tai chi's abundant benefits, learn how to practice tai chi as an exercise, stress reducer, physical and emotional defense, anti-aging practice and moving meditation. 

"Hidden within tai chi's slow-motion movements are the gems of the accumulated wisdom of China.  Its great depth is immensely useful today.  It is a living, cultural legacy of the ancient world that can improve your health, reduce stress, and make your later years richly satisfying and truly golden."  –Bruce Frantzis

Why learn tai chi instead of another discipline?
What should I look for in a good tai chi teacher?
How do I establish a regular practice rhythm?

Tai Chi Health for Life answers all of these questions and more.  New students learn how to choose an appropriate style and teacher to fit their individual needs while advanced students develop the tools necessary to upgrade their practice.  Long-term practitioners who may be unaware of the subtle body mechanics and internal energetic work that tai chi can possess learn how tai chi can transcend pure physical practice. 

"At 63, I am a different person than I was at 55.  I haven't had bronchitis for three winters now.  My allergies have all but disappeared.  I can go for months at a time without using inhalers.  I no longer have that stooped chicken walk.  And I have the energy and stamina I had in my early thirties.  I can work seven hours at my computer, come home, do a few tai chi sets, lose the day's tensions and feel energized."

-Diane Rapaport, author of How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording and A Music Business Primer.  She has studied with Bruce Frantzis since 1995.


Tai Chi Improves Health

Tai chi belongs to the self-reliant "heal yourself" category of Chinese medicine.  It is an exceptionally therapeutic series of exercises that help you to feel good.  When practices for health and fitness, the slow-motion movements of tai chi provide three basic benefits:  they improve physical movement, calm and release stress from the nerves and mind, and develop chi energy.

Reduce and Manage Stress

The ability to let go and relax in all ways - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - is at the center of Taoist practices and the core of all tai chi.  Relaxation allows happiness to flourish; tension diminishes this possibility.  Tai chi and other Taoist energy arts are famous for their ability to compensate for the downsides of stress and promote relaxation on progressively deeper levels.

Increase Longevity

Tai chi can be especially beneficial for people over 50 to restore and maintain their vitality, stamina and heatlh.  Growing old should be a pleasure, not just a struggle to survive increasing decrepitude.  Mobility, balance, and a relaxed, peaceful demeanor will help you take care of yourself and continue to maintain independence in your later years.

A Fighting Art for All Ages

Many people are frankly skeptical that tai chi is a martial art.  They ask, "How can anyone defend themselves in slow motion?  This is a reasonable question if you have only seen tai chi done in slow motion.  However, the perception is inaccurate as tai chi does have training methods that allow practitioners to move at exceptionally fast fighting speeds.

Tai Chi's Spiritual Traditions

The Taoist spiritual tradition of tai chi as a moving form of meditation is rarely heard of in the West. People who already practice meditation will find out how tai chi complements sitting practices, keeps you healthy and flexible and increases your meditative focus.

Whether you're brand new to tai chi or an experienced practitioner, you'll find Tai Chi Health for Life a fascinating read.

Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN 1583941444
Blue Snake Books
Copyright B. K. Frantzis, 2003, 2006

Price: $24.95

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