Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi & Meditation [CD]

Go Beyond the Ordinary™

Bruce  Frantzis developed his Taoist Longevity Breathing® Program from traditional Taoist breathing methods that he acquired in his 40 years as a martial artist, chi master, Taoist priest and energetic healer.  Learn how to get more from each breath with simple exercises that can be practiced at any time. The Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi and Meditation 2-CD set will help you begin the process of breathing smoothly, evenly and strongly.

Price: $25.00

Breathing can transform your life and make you a healthier, more relaxed human being. It is the key to a healing, restful night's sleep and helps you relax at any time, strengthens the movement of  your chi and improves your ability to concentrate for long periods of time without becoming distracted.

"I was diagnosed with emphysema in 1994.  Like many people, I was a shallow breather.  Taoist breathing taught me how to exercise unused portions of my lungs and strengthen them.  In 2000, a lung function test showed an increase from 17% to 47%.”  

-Walter Rapaport, Recording Engineer

A Steady Progression

Guided sessions gently lead you through a progression of 24 lessons that will enable you to learn how to extend the length of your breath and fully maximize the oxygen that reaches the back and sides of your lungs, areas that are rarely engaged by shallow breathing.

CD One concentrates on helping you feeli your breath so you can avoid holding it and immediately begin to improve your lung capacity.   You then learn to inhale into different parts of your body to strengthen and massage the internal organs and spine.  Although many of us know the importance of exercising our muscles, the idea of exercising the internal organs is something we've never considered, even though the quality of our lives is determined by the condition of  internal body functions.

CD Two teaches you how to smoothly lengthen your breath.  Relaxed breathing increases strength and stamina, reduces stress and allows you to deepen your meditative focus.

This CD set is a companion to the breathing lessons in the Taoist Meditation series: Relaxing Into Your Being, The Great Stillness and TAO of Letting Go.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

1:  Feeling Your Breath
2:  Learning to Avoid Holding Your Breath
3:  Becoming Aware of Distraction
4:  Breathing Along the Central Channel of Your Body
5:  Breathing Down the Central Channel to Your Lower Tantien
6:  Stabilizing the Breath and Energy of Your Lower Tantien
7:  Letting Your Breathing Drop From Your Chest to Your Belly
8:  Breathing From the Sides of Your Body
9:  Simultaneously Breathing From the Front and Sides
10: Lower Back and Kidney Breathing
11: Upper Back Breathing
12:  Breathing Energy Into Your Lower Tantien

Disc 2:

1:  Relaxing Your Breath
2:  Feeling Your Breath
3:  Counting Your Breaths
4:  Feeling All Sensations When You Inhale and Exhale
5:  Developing Continuous Awareness of Your Breath
6:  Becoming Aware of the Fog of the Mind
7:  The Importance of Releasing the Chest
8:  Breathing Underneath the Ribs and Awareness of Emotions
9:  Becoming Further Aware of Your Emotions
10: Fear and the Kidneys
11: The Upper Body and the Spine
12: Activating all Energies in the Physical and Etheric Body

Duration:  141 min.

Price: $25.00

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