Taoist Longevity Breathing [DVD]

Why learn about something as simple and ordinary as breathing? Bruce teaches a breathing practice virtually unknown in the West that keeps you relaxed and better equipped to cope with fear and anxiety. Experience smooth, deep breathing daily and improve your health.

Price: $25.00

Eastern medicine has brought two major breathing systems to the West: one is Pranayama or yoga breathing; the other is Taoist breathing, which is much less well known. The Longevity Breathing program is based on these Taoist breathing methods.

Taoist Longevity Breathing is Different from Pranayama

Unlike some Pranayama methods, when you are doing Taoist breathing you never hold your breath or force it. Instead you learn to slow down your breathing and make it fuller and more relaxed. Taoist breathing also helps to cultivate meditative awareness.

Transformational Benefits

If I had to teach one exercise that would have the greatest transformational benefit for the least effort put in, it would be to teach people how to breathe, on a daily basis, with the same the full-body, relaxed engagement of a baby. These breathing techniques are good for everyday life, not something that you only practice a few minutes a day.

Shallow Breathing vs. Full Body Breathing

Many people take short, shallow breaths and use only a small portion of their lungs. In this DVD, I show how breathing fully from the belly helps oxygen reach the back and sides of the lung and massage all the internal organs. Using Longevity Breathing can help people mitigate lung illness, such as asthma and emphysema.

Animations Show How the Body Works

Animations show you how these techniques work to massage your internal organs and give you greater lung capacity.  At the end of the video, I will guide you through a 15-minute practice session. Longevity Breathing can keep you relaxed and able to cope in moments of fear, anger, tension and anxiety, and release tensions in your nervous system. These breathing methods feel so natural that you will wonder why nobody taught them to you before. Once you learn them, you'll never go back to being a shallow breather.

Track listing:

  1. Opening
  2. Benefits of Longevity Breathing
  3. Breathe to Live
  4. Purpose of Longevity Breathing
  5. The Nervous System
  6. The 70% Rule
  7. Tongue on Roof of Mouth
  8. Nose Breathing
  9. Becoming Aware of the Breath
  10. Awareness of Breath Guided Exercises
  11. Hand in Front of Nose
  12. Feeling for the Tension Point
  13. Objectives of Longevity Breathing
  14. The Diaphragm
  15. Lung Movement
  16. Massaging the Heart
  17. Breathing with the Belly
  18. Breathing with the Belly Guided Exercises
  19. Breathing from the Sides
  20. Breathing from the Lower Back and Kidneys
  21. Breathing from the Upper Back and Top of Kidneys
  22. Whole Back Breathing
  23. Whole Back Breathing Guided Exercises
  24. Summary

Duration:  90 minutes

Price: $25.00

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A must read for those who are new to qigong, those who are already practitioners, and anyone interested in complementary medicine or self-help.

Angela Hicks