Hsing-i Volume 1 & I Chuan [11 DVD Combo Set]

Hsing-i Chuan for Health and Martial Power

For the first time ever, Bruce has created two internal arts training programs that teach Hsing-i Chuan and I Chuan Standing Postures (Over 10 hours of footage--11 DVDs total).These are some of the most powerful health, chi building and martial practices in China.

This is the most comprehensive material Bruce has ever offered about these subjects. If you are looking for a way to build chi for health or for martial power, this series of DVDs explains the internal workings and secrets of these amazing arts. Bruce calls these practices 'The Fastest Way to Build Martial Power and Chi'.

Order now and you can purchase both of these programs for just $297 (a $397 value). You will also receive 12 free lessons from our popular Longevity Breathing program.

Price: $297.00

Hsing-i Chuan for Health and Martial Power: Volume 1 San Ti and Pi Chuan

Hi folks, 

I'll keep this short and to the point. Many people have asked me for years to share this knowledge and only recently have I been willing to put it on video. I have produced this DVD set because I genuinely want to help people upgrade their chi practice, to be healthy and to show people the power secrets of hsing-i and I Chuan practices.

I think for anyone practicing the internal arts of tai chi, bagua and hsing-i these videos are immensely valuable. These are the practices I recommend to those serious and committed to chi practices. As I have already said, although Hsing-i and I Chuan are known primarily as martial arts, these are some of the most powerful health practices so they are equally relevant for those who do qigong, yoga and even meditation.

My final teacher Liu Heng Chieh started with Hsing-i EVERY day so he could remain strong as he aged. He was a lineage holder in tai chi and bagua among other things, but his practice of Hsing-i came first. 

In China it is difficult to learn these practices because of language barriers and very few masters will explain what is going on internally (many simply don't know). In these DVDs I lay out the internal workings in great detail and show what you need to do to learn and practice them.

I truly hope you find them useful.

Good practice, 

Bruce Frantzis 

Hsing-i is a powerful internal martial art that focuses on yang (hard) internal energy. Its main goals include:

  • Cultivating yang methods of internal power for martial arts
  • Developing incredible will and intent of the mind
  • Allowing chi to flow vigorously and smoothly in the body to build strength and vibrant health

Why is the Practice of Hsing-i Useful?

A few things about Hsing-i are very relevant to our modern times. Many people have a hard time focusing, getting things done and following through especially in our age of distractions (advertising, TV changing frames every 2 seconds, iphone, ipad, multi-tasking etc).

“In this comprehensive set Bruce goes into incredible (sometimes maddening) detail on every aspect of the postures. But frankly if he didn’t go into you could be practicing for years and be doing nothing more than walking through the motions...or worse.


This course will separate the true student from the dilettante, the committed from the interested, and the player from the spectator. Worth more than it’s price.”



Hsing-i helps you train your mind to be unwavering. This is useful whether you are running a business or non-profit charity, engaing in martial arts, training in a sport and/or practicing meditation of some kind.

The second main point worth making is most people just aren't in their bodies. Hsing-i helps you get your consciousness fully in your body and get everything properly aligned. Once your body is correctly aligned, it has the potential for chi to flow freely. You tap into the chi already there, develop more chi and build reserves for internal power.

What is in this Hsing-i DVD Set?

This DVD training set was recorded live in Berkeley, California, and it covers the fundamentals of both San Ti—the core standing posture of hsing-i—and Pi Chuan or Chopping Fist.

San Ti—the trinity posture—is at the heart of the practice of hsing-i and its Five Elements. A common story about the best people in hsing-i describes how they were made to do San Ti for between one and three years before being allowed to learn anything else. San Ti cultivates five critical processes involving:

  1. the breath
  2. the legs and waist
  3. the arms
  4. unifying the connections within the practitioner both externally and (5) internally.

Hsing-i’s Pi Chuan (Chopping/Splitting Fist) is the first moving technique in the system. It is linked to the metal element and positively affects the lungs. Pi Chuan's main focus is to make the spine extremely strong and the hands as hard as steel.

The overwhelming majority of people who practice internal martial art forms do it to be healthy. They don’t do it for martial power. However, if you practice for martial power, health comes as a bonus. Everything you do becomes dramatically stronger.


The system of Hsing-i is based upon storing an immense amount of chi in the lower tantien, and then allowing it to spread throughout the body to be used at will. In China it is known as one of the most direct ways to make your body strong and healthy.

Here are the contents each disc:

Disc 1

  1. Introduction 
  2. Preparation
  3. Alignments and Movements
  4. Basic Principles
  5. Four Points Alignments
  6. Knee Alignments
  7. The Spine and Lower Tantien
  8. How Alignments Increase Power

Disc 2

  1. Making a Proper Hsing-i Fist
  2. Initial Fist Movement
  3. Hsing-i Mind
  4. Second Hand Movement
  5. Third Hand Movement
  6. Importance of the Lower Body
  7. Improving Your Stance
  8. Chi Should Both Rise and Fall

Disc 3

  1. Partner Exercise to Raise Chi and for Martial Arts
  2. Opening and Closing Your Feet
  3. The Ankle
  4. The Power to Do

Disc 4

  1. How the Hands Split in Pi Chuan
  2. Twisting the Arms Inward and Outward
  3. Focus on the Upper Body Strength, Internal Power and Your Body
  4. Basic Hsing-i Principles
  5. "Ko" or Hooking

Disc 5

  1. The Tiger's Mouth
  2. Upper Body Alignments
  3. Review and Q&A
  4. Standing and Preventing Your Body's Chi from Becoming Stagnent
  5. Mind Holds the Chi and the Body
  6. Pi Chuan Martial Applications
  7. Half Steps or Worm Walking
  8. Martial Applications - Closing Distance Gaps and Planting Your Opponent
  9. Where Does Body Movement Originate?

Disc 6

  1. Different Hand Movements
  2. Movement of Pi Chuan
  3. Why Liu Heng Chieh Began His Day with Hsing-i
  4. The Three Holdings
  5. Gaze and Breathing
  6. High, Medium and Low Levels of Hsing-i 
  7. Breathing

Disc 7

  1. Breath, Energy and Mind Become One
  2. 3 Fallings or Sinkings
  3. Chi Falls to the Lower Tantien
  4. Shoulder Edges Sink
  5. Elbows Dig Downward
  6. Other Principles of Hsing-i
  7. 3 Different Styles of Beng Chuan

I Chuan Standing Postures

I Chuan—mind intention boxing—uses eight standing postures to develop internal power and vibrant health. The I Chuan system was developed by Wang Hsiang Zai. He was a student of Guo Yun Shen from the Hebei Hsing-i School, a style heavily influenced by bagua zhang.

In I Chuan, the emphasis on holding a standing posture is to develop fa jin.  Fa jin is the internal martial arts technique of issuing power so that it passes through an opponent, moving him in space just as a gust of wind blows dust away.

Bruce Frantzis

The eight standing postures work with chi and are practiced at heights ranging from above the head to the lower tantien (near the navel). The poses are derived from Taoism’s 200 original postures and are used to bring out the innate power of the body.

These I Chuan postures have several main purposes:

  • To open up the energy channels
  • To rebalance the energies in your body
  • To strengthen any energetic weaknesses
  • To unlock the body’s latent potentials and capacities.

In this DVD training set, recorded live in Berkeley, California, Bruce Frantzis demonstrates the eight core standing postures and explains the I Chuan system and its objectives.

Disc 1

  1. Introduction to I Chuan
  2. The Three Tantiens
  3. I Chuan Standing Posture 1
  4. I Chuan Standing Posture 2
  5. Opening the Joints in Standing Postures
  6. Guided Practice Session (9 min)
  7. Transitioning into Postures
  8. Guided Practice Session - Growing from the Tantien (15 min)

Disc 2

  1. Variations in Postues
  2. I Chuan Standing Posture 3 
  3. Opening the Midriff
  4. Stabalization Points in the Body
  5. Guided Practice Session - Into and out of the Tantien (25 min)

Disc 3

  1. Guided Practice Session - Standing on One Leg (19 min)
  2. Posture Energetics
  3. I Chuan Standing Posture 4
  4. I Chuan Standing Posture 5
  5. I Chuan Standing Posture 6
  6. Opening the Energy Channels

Disc 4

  1. Guided Practice Session Postures 1-4 (7 min)
  2. Martial Applications of I Chuan
  3. Traditional Training Methodolgy
  4. I Chuan Standing Posture 7
  5. Moving into Higher Postures
  6. Feet Width Variations
  7. I Chuan Standing Posture 8
  8. Guided Practice Session (7 min)
  9. Conclusion
Downloadable files immediate access after purchase. 

1:  Feeling Your Breath

2:  Learning to Avoid Holding Your Breath

3:  Becoming Aware of Distraction

4:  Breathing Along the Central Channel of Your Body

5:  Breathing Down the Central Channel to Your Lower Tantieni

6:  Stabilizing the Breath and Energy of Your Lower Tantien

7:  Letting Your Breathing Drop From Your Chest to Your Belly

8:  Breathing From the Sides of Your Body

9:  Simultaneously Breathing From the Front and Sides

10: Lower Back and Kidney Breathing

11: Upper Back Breathing

12:  Breathing Energy Into Your Lower Tantien


Longevity Breathing teaches you the core Taoist breathing methods so you breath with your whole body. The practices of Hsing-i and I Chuan offer an incredible entry point to feeling and building chi. Together they are a powerful health and healing combination.



"Thanks so much for sharing your rich and detailed knowledge. I have purchased many of your products and am always impressed by the quality instruction they contain. The Hsing-i and I Chaun DVD set is no exception. Though I have only had a short time to begin viewing and practicing them I have begun to feel that this training fits me well and will benefit me greatly.


Its a no-brainer to get anything Mr. Frantzis produces. All his products are rare and precious gems that complement each other."


"If you are thinking about purchasing the new Hsing-I Chaun DVDs, I can't recommend them highly enough. I'm not sure if you can learn the material from the DVDs alone, but it is the single most concise presentation of Bruce's system that I've ever seen. Whether you want to learn Hsing-I, Tai Chi, or Bagua, the material is applicable to all of the internal martial arts as well as Bruce's 16 part neigong program and meditation."  




"Just finished watching the I Chuan DVD's...by far the best presentation of Neigong and standing I have ever seen/heard. Immediately useful and practical, something that people can actually do. In my 30 years of studying the arts, I have to give credit where credit is due. You are doing the best job teaching genuine practices that actually work, by far, no one is even close. Not saying that to gain favor (which I know you don't go for that BS anyway), I am saying it because it is true. Thank you for generously teaching publicly and best wishes in succeeding in getting the real deal out there..."  




"The videos are outstanding. The depth of detail in them is unique. The head positioning for improved blood flow alone is worth the price (I'm a keyboard jocky). My ankles are also happier. My sense of body and energy are much improved. I haven't even done much standing yet. Just watching the videos and paying attention to coordinating my alignments has made a noticeable difference. You have a product of immense value for westerners interested in qi practices. I can't wait for the next set on the rest of the elements." 



"I have an excellent instructor that really understands the mechanics of Internal Arts, but I have been looking for someone who really understands the "energy movement" of the Internal Arts. After watching the Hsing-I tapes, I feel I have been provided with more of the "missing pieces" of the puzzle."


Price: $297.00

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In November 2009 I was lucky to attend The Chi Rev Workout workshop in Basel Switzerland with Bruce. There I learned D&T movement 1, 4 and 5 and began practicing on a regular basis.

Since then - the really great thing is - that I do not suffer from springtime pollen allergies anymore. This is my 3rd year allergy free.

Recently I completed the online D&T course and I am now able to perform the full set of seven movements with ease.


Hansruedi Jörg