Dragon & Tiger Volume 1 and DVD Package

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Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is practiced by millions of people in China to release stress and maintain superior health, as well as to help prevent cancer and heal chronic disease. Chi, internal life-force energy, is the foundation of all Chinese medicine, as well as the power behind the internal martial arts.

In acupuncture, needles are inserted into specific points along energy channels to stimulate and balance chi flow throughout the body. Dragon and Tiger uses your hands and simple body movements to achieve the same goal. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, this 1500-year-old medical qigong set can quickly give you a recognizable feeling of chi in your body.

Bruce Frantzis chose Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong from several hundred qigong sets he researched because it is easy to learn—consisting of only seven movements whereas most medical qigong systems consist of 50 to 100 movements—yet it yields the majority of the energetic healing and health benefits of these longer systems.

For those in the medical and healing professions, Dragon and Tiger Qigong is an excellent way to understand how medical qigong can boost your energy and heal your patients.  Martial artists and athletes who cross-train with this qigong set may find that their performance improves and any injuries they experience are not only minimized, but heal faster

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Volume 1 provides in-depth instruction, along with over 650 detailed illustrations, gives you a clear blueprint to practice the physical movements, energy mechanics and breathing techniques of Dragon and Tiger.

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong DVD is comprised of two discs.

Disc one (88 minutes)

  • Introduction

  • Preliminary Energy Exercises

  • Learning the Seven Movements of Dragon and Tiger Qigong

Disc one (65 minutes)

  • Movement Transitions

  • Movement Refinements

  • Main Practice Set

  • Modified Practice Set

  • Advanced Set with Bruce Frantzis

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Price: $57.50

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Hello from Bulgaria! My name is Ivan Boyanov. This year I have had serious troubles with a bad infectious polyarthritis. Practically all my joints were attacked and the pain was severe. And guess what - I received the two volumes of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong books from my cousin as a present. With the help of this qigong, some other energy practices, diet and herbs I managed to clean my joints for two months and the bacteria is out of the system.…(more)

Ivan Boyanov, Bulgaria