Taoist Meditation Circle Online Group

Taoist Meditation Circle Online Group
Price: $8.00

The Taoist Meditation Circle is Bruce's online meditation group offering techniques and guided practice sessions. It will help you build core meditation skills such as; concentration, focus, and awareness training. This is a foundation program and leads to the more advanced Taoist meditation practices such as Inner Dissolving. As a Circle member you'll have access to a private meditation forum and downloadable content.

The Promise of this Circle is to provide you with:

  • A solid meditation foundation for looking inside yourself
  • Monthly meditation exercises and practices
  • A private online meditation community where you can ask questions and share experiences

The Taoist Meditation Circle is also a preparatory program for those who eventually want to teach meditation. 

The Taoist Meditation Tradition

Taoist Meditation isn't well known in the West. Most of the books related to Taoism such as the I Ching and Tao Te Ching are known more for their philosophy rather than teaching practical Taoist meditation techniques. Unlike the Buddhist, Zen or Indian meditation, Taoist meditation has never been mainstream. That being said, the Taoist meditation tradition has been alive for thousands of years in monestaries in Western China and is one of the deepest spiritual systems on the planet. Bruce teaches the living Taoist meditation tradition which is something that is meant to be practiced and embodied, rather than just understood intellectually.

"I once asked my teacher Taoist Sage Liu Hung Chieh why he didn't teach meditation. His response was that there were very few who wanted to learn." My hope is this reality is changing as more and more people in the West are turning to meditation for stress relief, peace of mind and for spirituality. More are also resonating with Taoist values of balance, peace and connection to nature. The Taoist Meditation Circle is for those who are ready to start up a regular practice and discover how deep they can go with meditation.--Bruce

Bruce Talks about the Stages of Meditation

Taoist Meditation Circle - Beginners to Advanced

The Taoist Meditation Circle is structured to be beneficial to both beginners and more advanced meditation practioners. The Circle will start with meditations on concentration, intention or focus. As you practice, eventually you will gain skills to mediate for longer periods of time while still maintaining a high level of awareness. If you have ever meditated before you probably know that this is easier said than done. 

If you are an intermediate or advanced meditator doing these basic practices will be important to find any gaps in practice that you may have. Advanced meditators will have the option of using the practice meditations for longer periods of time. Bruce also will be giving deepers layers of instruction.

Circle Membership Details

Here are the costs, requirements and a few warning messages before you sign up:


  • Risk-free trial - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for first 30 days. If you are not happy for any reason let us know and we will send you your money back.


  • You should be willing to practice mediation for 20 minutes at the minimum at least 3 times per week for you to get the benefits of the program.
  • You are encouraged to post questions and participate in Circle Meditation forum each month.

Circle Disclaimers and Warnings

  • You agree to be respectful and follow the rules of Taoist Meditation Cirlce Member Forum.
  • If you have any psychological, emotional or mental conditions or any related health issues you should seek the help of a qualified medical professional. This program is not intended as treatment.
  • Bruce's teaching style is often very direct  - sometimes using explicit language which you may find offensive. This teaching style often goes against what people 'expect' from a meditation teacher. If this style is not your style then we recommend that you find another teacher that better matches your needs.

Important Login Information

  • When you signup via the shopping cart please write down and remember your USER NAME (we suggest your email) and your PASSWORD. You will need these to login each month to access the meditation downloads and forums:
  • When you join you will be given IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the first meditation - enough practice material for the first MONTH.
  • To access your lessons. Log in to your account on the Energy Arts website and click the Taoist Meditation Circle membership group link.

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Price: $8.00

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