Eric L. Peters

Eric L. Peters


Eric began his studies with Bruce in 1981 in Denver, where he learned the 24 Move Simplified Yang Tai Chi form, part of the Chen Pan Ling Combination Tai Chi form, the Energy Gates Chi Gung material, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Gung, some Bagua, and attended Bruce’s five-element workshops at the change of each season. He began to study the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form with Bruce in 1988 and the Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form in 1997. He has annually attended retreats and teacher trainings with Bruce in California since 1991, weekend workshops in Boston for over twenty-five years, and more recently courses in Ulm, Germany and Ibiza, Spain, continuing his studies of all of Bruce’s Chi Gung sets, Wu Tai Chi, Bagua, and Taoist Meditation. Eric has taught Tai Chi and Chi Gung on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, since 1986. From 2006-2014, he served on the Board of Directors of Water Way Arts, which operates Brookline Tai Chi, where he also teaches workshops.



Wu Style Short Form to the Left - Learning to Practice the Form to the Other Direction (Part Two)
Brookline Tai Chi - March 18, 2017
Yin-Yang Lengthening and Gods Playing in the Clouds
Brookline Tai Chi - March 19, 2017
Lengthening and Movement Up and Down - Morning Workshop
Lengthening and Movement from Center to Periphery - Afternoon Workshop

Wu Style Short Form to the Left - Learning to Practice the Form to the Other Direction
Brookline Tai Chi - December 3, 2016

Two Workshops: Lengthening the Tissue of the Arms and Twisting the Tissue of the Arms
in Gods Playing in the Clouds
Brookline Tai Chi - November 20, 2016

Marriage of Heaven & Earth - Opening the Joints of the Hands and Feet
Gods Playing in the Clouds - Ligamental Spring and Spinal Bowing
Brookline Tai Chi - September 24-25, 2016

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In November 2009 I was lucky to attend The Chi Rev Workout workshop in Basel Switzerland with Bruce. There I learned D&T movement 1, 4 and 5 and began practicing on a regular basis.

Since then - the really great thing is - that I do not suffer from springtime pollen allergies anymore. This is my 3rd year allergy free.

Recently I completed the online D&T course and I am now able to perform the full set of seven movements with ease.


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