Welcome to the Energy Arts official Products page where you can access and purchase Energy Arts Products. We offer online instruction in many Taoist Energy Arts practices. 

Learn Tai Chi, Qigong, Taoist Breathing and Meditation, as well as internal martial arts – like Hsing-i and Bagua. Our online, instructional programs are taught by Energy Arts Founder and Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis, along with programs taught in tandem with Senior Energy Arts Instructors. 

We know you will find valuable, practical guidance in our online programs. From beginners to seasoned practitioners, you will learn new techniques as well as how to refine them.  

At Energy Arts, we believe the best way to learn is to experience energy arts directly by attending an Event. Please visit our Events page for live classes with Bruce Frantzis, including at our New Taoist Energy Arts Training Center in Longmont, Colorado, USA. You can also Find an Energy Arts Instructor in your area by visiting our Instructors page

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