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The Core Five Elements

An Online Training Program to help you master the energies of the Five Elements in Qigong and Meditation

Personal Letter from Bruce Frantzis

Hi Folks,

Across the Far East – in China, Japan, India, and more – the Five Elements are central in how people interact with the world and view energetic practices.

These invisible forces guide our lives, and with enough awareness you can harness the power of the 5 Elements to promote health, generate strength and foster well-being.

I designed my new online Five Elements for Qigong and Meditation program to take you through a journey of all the 5 Elements in detail, so you can progress on your own for years to come.

Each module is a deep dive into one element at a time, with lessons on how to connect and activate the elements, moving practices, interactive practices, Taoist morality, natural cycles and the 8 energy bodies.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner, or new to Taoist energy arts, you’ll find immense value and practical application in this program

Many Thanks,

Bruce Frantzis

P.S. If you find yourself asking “What Element am I?” my advice is to begin learning and practicing ALL of the 5 Elements, and find out which element you have a natural affinity for. Then, focus on that one in your practice for a while. That is how, in China, I was able to truly master the five elements and I hope this program can bring you on the same journey.

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What is the Core Five Elements Program?

The Core Five Elements Program is for those who want to learn more about how to harness the power of the five elemental energies.

Containing over 7 hours of video lessons on working with the 5 Elements, plus special bonus training courses, this program will teach you element by element how to tap into these primordial energies through Qigong and Meditation practices.


Why Learn Five Element Qigong?

5 Elements Qigong has three important qualities that make it beneficial to learn and practice:


  • The 5 Elements are external as well as internal, so you can “charge” your surroundings with Chi and have better interactions with life
  • They enhance and inform all Energy Arts practices including Qigong, Tai Chi, Internal Martial Arts and Taoist meditation
  • Each element plays an important role in your overall health: physically, mentally, and emotionally

Sign-up for This Program and Recieve:

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  • Five Elements for Qigong & Meditation – 7 hours 

    [$397 value]

  • BONUS #1: Standing Qigong and the Five Elements Training

    [$97 value]

  • BONUS #2: Santi & the Five Elements Training

    [$97 value]

  • BONUS #3: Taoist Five Elements and Sexuality (Digital download)

    [$10 value]


  • Dragon & Tiger Beginners Program

    [$47 value]

  • Bonus: Tao of Letting Go Audio Program

    (First half of program)

    [$47 value]

  • Taoist Breathing Digital Audio Program

    [$25 value]

Regular Price: $697 or 3 payments of $237
TODAY’S PRICE: $197 or 3 payments of $67

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