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Comparing Yang and Wu Tai Chi Styles

13 April 2018

In this video I talk briefly about the Yang and Wu tai chi styles and how they came from the Chen village. Tai chi was brought out of the Chen village to Beijing where the form was modified and taught to the emperors guards. In tai chi there are large, medium and small frames, which essentially the is size of the movements. There once was a small frame Yang style but this has been mostly lost because the person who held the lineage committed suicide.Read more...

New Medical Research Supports Qigong Benefits

30 March 2018

Recent research in Western Medicine has discovered a new organ that supports the many benefits of Qigong. This organ, called interstitium, is a series of interconnected, fluid-filled sacs found beneath the skin in between all organs, muscles, and vessels.Read more...

State of the Tao 2018

02 March 2018

Welcome to the annual State of the Tao address!

I’m writing to keep you updated on what’s happening in the coming year, as well as to reflect on the events of last year.

As with every living thing on Earth, Energy Arts is forever changing and becoming new. I can feel things on the horizon for the company and for the teachings.Read more...

Bagua: Roll the Ball

15 September 2016

Here Bruce demonstrates Roll the Ball  a practice that is associated with bagua rou shou and fighting applications rather than with the circle walking and meditation aspects. In this bagua practice the arms encase a sphere in space and the movement originates from the lower tantien and feet, expressing itself in the arms and hands. As the arms move, the sphere must remain stable and not be cut in any direction or angle.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Practice Time

08 September 2015

As someone who has taught energy arts practices like tai chi and qigong for over 50 year now, one of the most common questions I get asked while teaching and at retreats is, "How can I get the most out of my practice?"

I also often get asked more specific questions such as how long should I practice and how often should I practice. Everyone wants the magic formula.Read more...

The SOURCE CODE for the OLD Yang Style of Tai Chi

16 April 2015

Next week I am going to start releasing a short series of videos about an upcoming program on the Old Yang Tai Chi Style and about the true potential of tai chi in your life and for our society.

In this email/post I wanted to give you some background information, tell you more about the origin of the Old Yang Style of Tai Chi and WHY I think it so important for entire tai chi field. Read more...

The Warrior Within - A Tai Chi Documentary with Lee Burkins

03 April 2015

This is a short documentary with Energy Arts Senior Instructor Lee Burkins:


Tai Chi Tip # 11: Dropping the Elbows

05 February 2015

Here Bruce demonstrates dropping the elbows in Tai Chi.


The Power of Energy Gates Qigong Webinar Replay

03 February 2015

Click to listen to the recent webinar on The Power of Energy Gates Qigong. In the webinar Bruce talks about standing, inner and outer dissolving, how to practice the 3 swings and how to use Energy Gates Qigong for health, healing, tai chi and martial arts.Read more...

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