Bruce Frantzis Interview March 2011

Bruce recently did an interview with a Taoism forum. You can download that interview here:Bruce’s InterviewClick on the above to read or right click and select ‘save as’ to save on your computer.Enjoy,Energy Arts Team

Energy Arts Code of Ethics

For Independent Instructors and Practitioners Trained by Bruce Frantzis. 1) PROFESSIONAL CONDUCTInstructors/practitioners conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, provide only services for which they are qualified, and represent their education,...

Energy Arts Certification Levels

There is no Western equivalent to the master/disciple system in China that provides students with the achievement levels of their teachers and teachers with criteria for advancing their students. We have instituted our own rigorous certification system to fill that...
Yang Shao Jung – Magnetic Hands

Yang Shao Jung – Magnetic Hands

In 1977, I was given a letter of introduction to tai chi master Yang Shao Jung, who did not accept students without a recommendation. Yang was the eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu, great-grandson of the original Yang Lu Chan. His school, located in his walk-up flat in the...

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