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I’ve been called the foremost Western expert in Wu style tai chi and Yang style tai chi, holding direct lineages from China. I teach six powerful qigong sets, as well as bagua zhang and hsing-i from the martial, health, and meditation perspectives.

My real passion is teaching the Taoist meditation tradition, a direct path to awakening your highest potential. Through energy arts practices, which include yoga, breathing and meditation, it is possible to make a direct connection to your essence and find answers to the larger questions of life.

I truly believe that we offer the highest quality Taoist teachings available in the West. Over the years I have seen that anything is possible, and that you only need the intention, courage and persistence to begin, then maintain your practice.

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About Bruce

The smooth, balanced flow of Qi (Chi)—your life-force energy—is the single most important determinant to your health, vitality and happiness.

–Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis

If there is anything true in our lives, in history, in the life of the universe and solar system, it is that everything is always in flow. Chi is always in flow, constantly changing.”

–Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis

“If you want to develop the spiritual side of yourself, the Taoists consider that energetic fitness is paramount in providing the necessary foundation.”

–Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis, The Chi Revolution

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the more you relax, the more energy, stamina and strength you will gain and the more your range of motion will improve.

–Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis, The Chi Revolution

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