Daodejing Online Course

Daodejing Online Course

A Comprehensive Audio & Meditation Guide to the Daodejing

This course is a monthly, subscription-based audio program created by Daoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis to present the Daodejing experientially from an insider’s view.

The Daodejing‘s influence has spread widely outside East Asia and  is amongst the most translated works in world literature. 

The Daodejing Audio course focuses on theory, specific practices and applications of the DaodejingIt explores how to use this important book as a practical guide for living in the modern world, interpreting the original phrases and applying them to the present.

Product Details

$16 Monthly Subscription includes:

  • 60 plus hours of audio commentary & guided practices (MP3 format)
  • Living Daoist translation of the ancient text 
  • Water Method meditation practice techniques
  • 20 monthly installments of the 81 chapters
  • Access to the Energy Arts Forum on Facebook


Once you subscribe, you will receive a translation, plus audio commentary and practice session for each chapter of the Daodejing. This text is the philosophical and religious underpinning for Daoism.

The Daodejing Online Audio Course can be used to positively complement any philosophical, contemplative, religious or faith-based practice.


Following this path offers rare insight into Laozi’s water meditation tradition which is based on the principles of balance, peace and connection to nature.  – Bruce Frantzis

Go Beyond the Ordinary

Our courses are designed to facilitate healing in the body, building qi and cultivating the mind. Energy arts practices can be applied to many different areas of life you seek to improve.  Whether it’s your golf game, parenting children, body performance, enhancing relationships, or a quieter mind. These practices will give you the internal skills necessary to lead a more balanced, full and relaxed life. 

Who is this course for?

  • Meditation practitioners of all traditions
  • Taoist meditators interested in intermediate and advanced inner dissolving
  • Those interested in the blend of practical application and academic study of the Daodejing
  • Qigong, Tai Chi, and Somatic practitioners who want to functionally understand the properties of Qi (Chi)

Laozi’s Daodejing is intimately connected to the path of meditation. To follow the path of meditation, you will have a desire to know yourself at a deep level and to seek the direct experience of going beyond mental ideas. Real meditation takes both courage and dedication.

    FAQs & Technical Details

    The Daodejing Online Audio Course is approx. 3.6GB of MP3 files. The course can be listened to online, or downloaded and saved for offline practiceLesson length varies from 20 to 60 minutes per chapter.  This course is intended for all levels: beginner to advanced practitioners.

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    Can I download my content?

    Yes! All Energy Arts programs may be downloaded to the device of your choice, so that you may retain access to your content. You will also have continuous, online access to purchased materials on the Energy Arts website. If for any reason we are unable to host our programs, we will provide you with ample time in which to download your content. 

    Please visit our FAQs page for further instructions on how to download content, how to access materials on your phone, and so much more!

    Who do I contact for support?

    Should you have any questions regarding your content, payments, or for general technical troubleshooting send us an email  support@energyarts.com

    For practice-specific questions, please post to the private Energy Arts Facebook forum linked within your course materials. Many of our programs also offer a question and comment section where you can submit questions to the instructor of the course.

    We also recommend finding an Energy Arts instructor near you. These connections can become an invaluable resource for learning and growing your practice.

    What is the payment process?

    After your initial purchase, you will be charged at monthly intervals on the anniversary of your purchase until the completion of the course unless we hear from you that you’d like to be removed.

    You can cancel at any time, but please note that, unless you are an active subscriber or have completed payment for the entire course, you will lose online access to the materials.  You will have 7 days to download and save the materials you’d like to keep once your cancellation is effective.

    Can I use this course for medical treatment?

    This program is not intended as treatment, is not medical advice nor can any counseling be given on the forum or through email. Before you start this program, or any other programs from Energy Arts, you should seek advice from your medical professional.

    If you have psychological, emotional or mental conditions, you should seek the help of a qualified medical professional and not sign-up for this program.

    Please visit our FAQs page for further instructions on how to download content, how to access materials on your phone, and so much more!


    “Thank You for all for the training! It has been a revelation to me. I’m a slow learner and was relieved that you expect people to take their time and move slow. Now that I have an approximation of the moves I shall go over and over the lessons, and I’m grateful. 

    –Joan H., England

    “I had been suffering from steadily worsening TMJ for about 2 years, and was nearly ready to get it clinically treated. I enrolled in the Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong Mastery course in early 2019, and made a diligent, daily practice of it. My TMJ improved rapidly, and after a little more than a year was completely gone. I highly recommend this set to both beginning and advanced qigong students”

    – Matthew L., New York City, NY

    “This course is unparalleled in the complete method of teaching. Thanks for the time and attention to detail of all those involved in practice, instruction and production of this course. It really makes good use of the internet and opens some new doors for those of us who don’t have many local resources or the ability to travel for classes.”

    –Kyri C.

    “I have been practising Tai Chi and Qigong for many years and it has been the love of my life since I started. This work is deeply transformational on many levels and once I started training with Bruce and some of his Energy Arts teachers, I entered a world of the real internal energetics of this practise.”

    –Bernie P., UK

    ” I discovered this site by luck and chance. I am a meditator practicing meditations for a long time, almost a decade I should say.  Energy arts material and methodology of delivering the modules are outstanding, and are of high standard and caliber. I am simply overflowing with energy and focused thinking due to their energy and clarity of teachings. Thank you for enriching my life.”

    – Sundar R., India, Meditation facilitator, yoga instructor, tai chi practitioner

    $16 Per Month

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