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The Earth Element: Ground and Integrate in Body and Mind (In-Person/Online)

June 11, 2022 - June 12, 2022

A Personal Invitation From B.K. Frantzis 

Recognizing, Contacting and Balancing the Energy of Earth 

Who couldn’t use a bit more stability in their lives? A feeling of being grounded and integrated in mind and body can do wonders for a person, both in their worldly and spiritual endeavors.

The Earth Element is responsible for generating stability while integrating the various aspects of ourselves into one coherent whole. Earth joins and unifies all the other Elements–Water, Fire, Wood, Metal–and combines them into a powerful, coherent, well-functioning system.

The energy of Earth, as distinct from the other four elements, is both yin and yang. The core expands and radiates out, while the crust condenses and draws in. The result of these two forces is balance, which unifies the Earth, and brings forth cohesion and stability.

Taoist Five Element practices move beyond the external manifestations of the elements, teaching practitioners to recognize and contact the elemental qi within.

Earth qi is responsible for the cohesiveness of all that is within us. By recognizing this integrated aspect of ourselves, we are able to tap into the understanding of the true non-difference in all things, and move closer toward wholeness.

These lessons have benefited my own life beyond measure, and I’m looking forward to sharing them so that they can do the same for you.

You have my warmest invitation to join us, and I hope to see you in the workshop.

Everything furthers,

Master B.K. Frantzis

Here’s the schedule of the upcoming Earth Element Workshop:

Introductory Quickstart Session:
Immediate Access 
to a 60-minute, pre-workshop lesson taught by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes, teaching the framework that will contain the Earth Element.

June 11-12, 2022, 9:00 am-3:00 pm MT:
2-Day In-person/Online Workshop: Over 8 hours of instruction, taught live by Master B.K. Frantzis.

June 14-15, 2022:
2-Days of Guided Practices (In-person/Online):
Two guided practice follow-up sessions are included in the course to review and absorb what you learned during the weekend workshop. Led by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

Join us in person at the Energy Arts Training Center in Longmont, CO or attend online, through live-stream broadcast, and also enjoy lifetime access to recordings of each lesson and guided practice (recordings are also included for in-person attendees).

“Anything that will make the Earth Element more smooth and connected, will make your ability to handle external forces, of any kind, better” – Master B.K. Frantzis


Taoist and Chinese masters throughout the ages have deeply understood the importance of remaining in balance and harmony with the Five Elements. This workshop will teach you how to work with the Earth Element, which unifies the other four elements. You’ll learn from world-class teachers, and join a global community of practitioners through in-person classes or on our online learning platform.


Authentic Knowledge

Learn from an internationally recognized Taoist lineage master with 50+ years of teaching experience and author of more than a dozen books.


World-wide support

Practice along with hundreds of students from 39 countries across the world, sharing insights and experiences. 


A Multimedia Digital Experience

Learn from home with multiple camera angles and clear audio. It’s the next best thing to being there! In-person attendees also recieve recordings for the best of both worlds.


Access 10+ Hours of Live and Downloadable Teachings

Ground and Stabilize

Earth Element practices are grounding and stabilizing. Instilling these qualities in body and mind establishes the ability to generate physical continuity, stillness of mind and steady emotions. Clear meditative states are much easier to achieve through mastery of the earth element.



The strength of the earth element inside of you relates directly to the ability to integrate all of your body parts and the parts of your mind. So the Earth Element is very necessary in order to make physical and energetic connections not only inside your own body, but also to everything all around it.


In order for people to have long term relationships of any kind, stability is necessary. The earth element is what settles and congeals everything that’s inside you and is an important component in the ability to have successful, harmonious, on-going relationships.


Earth element practices successfully deal with the stress and anxiety of living in the modern age. Any degree to which the earth element inside you is smoother and more connected enhances your ability to handle external forces of any kind.



Becoming more in contact with the energies of Earth can have a direct impact on your ability to link to the planet on which you live. Working with Earth Element can give you a very strong sense of how to work with the effects of gravity and the ability to see things as they exist over time.



Master B.K. Frantzis

Bruce Frantzis is a recognized Taoist Lineage Master and the Founder of Energy Arts. He trained for over a decade and a half in China, India, and Japan and worked extensively as a Qigong Tui Na doctor. For more than 50 years he has studied and taught the martial, healing, and spiritual practices of ancient China. He teaches qigong, meditation, and tai chi (and the related arts of bagua and hsing-i) and has authored more than a dozen books on these subjects The heart of his tradition is the cultivation of Qi (qi), the internal energy that connects the mind, body, and spirit to the underlying consciousness of the universe (Tao).

Craig Barnes

Craig Barnes is a Senior Instructor in the Energy Arts system and has been practicing and teaching tai chi, qigong, meditation, and the internal arts for over 30 years. He has studied actively with Master B.K.Frantzis since 1987 and has taught his own courses all over the world. He is one of only a few instructors who have been authorized by Master Frantzis to certify instructors in his system. Craig is known for his gentle yet thorough approach, and his ability to present complex material in a direct way that makes it come to life and take root.


Multiple perspectives and ways to learn


Get Started Right Away and Prepare for the Workshop

BWhen you register for this Earth Element weekend course, you’ll receive immediate access to a recorded quickstart lesson with Senior Instructor Craig Barnes. You will learn movements 5 and 6 of Gods Playing in the Cloud Qigong, the exercises bruce will use to teach internal neigong and energetics. This session also includes a guided practice with Craig.

    June 11-12, 2022

    Learn to Feel and Cultivate the Earth Element

     Over the course of this weekend workshop, Bruce will use movements from an ancient Taoist qigong set, along with meditation techniques (both seated and moving) to teach you how to merge with the qualities of the Earth Element . You’ll learn about the nature of the Earth Element and how to apply it to your life and practice.

    Teaching Schedule:

    • Saturday June 11, 9:00-11:00 am and 1:00- 3:00 pm MT
    • Sunday, June 12, 9:00-11:00 am and 1:00- 3:00 pm MT

    June 14-15, 2022

    Solidify your Understanding with Guided Practices

    During three follow-up guided practice sessions you’ll be able to clear up any lingering questions and solidify what you’ve learned. The very best time to do this is when the lessons from the weekend are still fresh in your body and mind. These sessions will be led by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes.

    Guided Practice Schedule:

    • Tuesday June 14, 9:00-10:00 am MT
    • Wednesday June 15, 9:00-10:00 am MT



    1. Instant Access to the Workshop Quickstart Session [~60 Minutes] 

    You will receive instant access to a quickstart lesson with Master B.K. Frantzis immediately after registration. This lesson will help prepare you for the workshop with instructions and skills to practice right away.

    2. Weekend LIVE Training with Master B.K. Frantzis [~8+ Hours] 

    Receive direct instruction from Master B.K. Frantzis over the course of two consecutive days. Each session will be taught live and you will also receive downloadable recordings of each class, so you can watch and re-watch classes at your convenience. Senior Instructor Craig Barnes will support this teaching.

    3. LIVE Guided Practice Sessions – Follow Along with Craig Barnes [~2+ Hours]

    After the weekend workshop, you will also have access to two guided practice sessions during the week to review and integrate what you have learned. These practices will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 14-15 (9:00 am MT) with Senior Instructor Craig Barnes. You’ll also have the opportunity to clear up any lingering questions during Q&A.

    4. Energy Arts Training Forum Access

    Get access to the private Energy Arts Training Forum that is only for current students of our programs. Connect with other people on the course and stay in touch with the global Energy Arts community.

    5. Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to Videos & Mobile Viewing

    Login to a private member area where you can watch and download all the lessons and guided practices from the course. You can also download the mobile app so that you can watch on the go as you travel or practice outdoors.

    Here’s a summary of What You’ll Receive:


    1) Quickstart Teaching Session with Craig Barnes ~1 Hour

    2) FOUR LIVE Teaching Sessions with Master B.K. Frantzis  ~8+ Hours

    3) TWO LIVE Guided Practices Sessions with Craig Barnes ~2+ Hours

    4) Energy Arts Private Training Forum Access

    5) Private Membership Site for Downloadable Access to the course and Mobile Viewing

    We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Earth Element Workshop June 11-12… Register Below!

    Select in-person or online to go to a secure order page now:


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    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    We are confident you’ll be satisfied with the Earth Element Workshop. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us at support@energyarts.com anytime by June 11, 2022 and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will you be mailing anything to me or is everything digital?

    Everything is digital and online, available to you to access via the membership site whenever you need it.  Also the program is fully downloadable, so you will be able to use the program offline, in your own time on your computer, laptop, smart tv, phone and other digital devices.

    When will I receive my lessons?

    Initially, after purchase you will receive welcome emails with your login information to the Five Elements Virtual Workshop Fall 2021. You will be given a unique link through the Zoom platform to access your regular training. Recordings of live-stream classes will be available to download in 1-3 days or sooner after broadcast.

    How do I know if I am registered?

    If your payment has gone through and you have received an email with your login details then you are registered! If you do not receive it please check your spam folder.

    How can I get support?

    We are here to support you along the way with any questions you may have about purchasing and accessing the course. For support please email: support@energyarts.com Sometimes our emails might end up in your Junk/Spam/Promotions folder, so please do check there!

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    June 11, 2022
    June 12, 2022

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