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Stillness in Movement: Tai Chi & Bagua as Meditation

The Tao Space 1602 9th Avenue, Longmont, CO

“Moving Meditation” is a popular phrase in tai chi circles...but what does that truly mean? It’s much more than simply moving fluidy and feeling more calm and relaxed. Genuine meditation traditions give you the capacity to not only still the surface noise of your mind and body, but connect you to the deepest layers of […]

Tai Chi Circling Hands: Exploring Neigong, Circularity, & Qi

The Tao Space 1602 9th Avenue, Longmont, CO

Tai Chi Circling Hands is one of the best possible ways to begin or deepen an existing qigong, tai chi, or other internal arts practice. The movements themselves can be learned quickly, yet yield an incredible depth while also acting as a container for learning advanced skills. This single simple practice can deliver an extraordinary […]

Relaxing into your Being Virtual Workshop

Live Stream from The Tao Space 1602 9th Avenue, Longmont

Now Open For A Limited Time Energy Arts presents Relaxing into your being Virtual WorkshopCultivating Deep Relaxation in Body, Mind, and Spirit with Bruce Frantzis & Senior Instructor Craig Barnes

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