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    Yesterday I was able to report a positive shift that happened already several weeks ago — in that my capability to NOT be distracted from counting breaths became noticeably more RELIABLE!

    I said yesterday that that happened “all by itself” — which is true — BUT:

    It happened inside the context of me being able to FOLLOW and PRACTICE what the instructions have been saying to do:

    MANY, MANY TIMES since “The Program” started, the instructions have said to detect and pay attention to any and all inner “things” — of WHATEVER kind — that MIGHT cause me to get distracted. And for me to learn how to notice what the instructions call “THE COUNTDOWN” TO an ONCOMING distraction. And to discover how to forestall (prevent) the distraction from happening at all . . . BY: Relaxing the whole mind — AND relaxing any specific “place” or feeling in the body that’s involved — AND relaxing any specific emotional feeling, etc. — AND relaxing the specific mental awareness OF any (or all) of those things. (And then, if distraction DOES happen, to learn how to come back SOONER.)

    So, I was and still am practicing all that. Did that practice cause that very helpful inner shift ? ? ? I actually don’t know! But all this practice in CONSCIOSLY relaxing IS increasing my level of comfort with being “in” my own mind, especially my own emotions.

    And as I said yesterday, it appears to me — (based on that other thing that the instructions said, about my lower dantien) — that this new level of NON-distraction could be closely related to me now starting to recognize what my LDT is doing for me all the time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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