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    Good evening,

    Having been an anxiety sufferer for the greatest part of my life, I have found solace in TaiChi and QiGong and have reached a place where I am generally much calmer and serene through diligent practice.

    Yet, following a rather difficult week, I am faced with a particularly retort period of anxiety manifested by tightness in the face, throat and chest and an acceleration of the heart rate. I was wondering if anyone had a successful experience in applying a particular Taoist meditation technique to this problem.

    Thank you in advance for your input.




    Hi Pierre,

    while I haven’t encountered anxiety at level you describe, I have used outer dissolving and Taoist breathing to relax and release anxiety when it has turned up.

    In the last Heaven and Earth instructor training Bruce commented that I was holding anxiety at the top of my neck! It took me a while to feel what he was talking about and I used outer and inner dissolving to work with it.

    Best wishes




    It might be that fire monkey year doing its thing.
    In my opinion water to offset the fire seems logical, so, Energy Gates qigong would seem appropriate (I saw a dvd set and online training bundle in the store, but haven’t tried it).
    In terms of standing qigong part of energy gates qigong and overall furthering of your qigong and tai chi practice, I can attest to the excellence of Paul’s 5 Keys qigong program. There was so much going on in it for me that I really have to go back through. It was very intense and I feel I just skimmed the surface.
    Anxiety is a nightmare, I really hope things get better for you ASAP.



    Gentian Tincture is good for calming you down herbally.

    Something basic like belly breathing (sitting for 30 mins) can be good for anxiety.

    However anxiety is normally caused by repression. Something you are not dealing with. And there is a time to face your difficulties so that you can function normally again.

    The approach of keeping life the way it is and just doing taichi … is not one that will work for ever.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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