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    Five years ago I enrolled in the Taoist Meditation Circle (TMC) and started practicing — which I did for the first two and a half months of the 64-month program. And then I got — or I allowed myself to get — overwhelmed by life chaos. Now it’s 5 years later, and I’m back on track with starting to learn foundational meditation work in the TMC.

    I’m interested in both my soul and my body, and more interested in my soul. So I’m sitting for 20 minutes and standing for 10 minutes.

    And I’m doing that half-hour sequence three times each day: Once at 6 a.m., once at 11:30 a.m., and once at 6 p.m.

    Yesterday was my last day of Week 01, so today (Sunday, 4/29/18) is the first day of Week 02. At 6:00 and 11:30 I did the Counting Breaths exercise. In the first practice today I lost count half a dozen or so times. In the second practice I only lost count once while sitting and two or three times while standing.

    In Week 01 I could definitely see that my body, energy, emotions, and thoughts are all agitated and profoundly uncomfortable. Moreover, I can see (at age 67, and looking ALL around me) that there’s a huge, painful, downhill slide that’s possible from this point on. AND I can see, that in fact, I cannot do ANYTHING ABOUT that, UNLESS I can gradually learn to be a self-healing person. Is there enough time left for me to learn that — as gradually as it has to be learned ? ? ? CAN I learn it AT ALL, in whatever amount of time ? ? ?

    So, paradoxically: Even though I AM still mainly interested in my soul, it now appears to me that the very best thing I could do, FOR MY SOUL, would be to actually HAVE A HEALTHY BODY, and to achieve that in what looks to me like the ONLY way of doing it: Namely, by learning qigong myself and then practicing it absolutely every day.

    Five years ago is when I first saw any Energy Arts materials, and that was when I ran across three of Bruce’s books in a bookstore, one of which was Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body (the others were Relaxing into Your Being, and the book that tells about bagua).

    I now have a copy of the Energy Gates book. I believe the book makes it clear that to learn the six Opening the Energy Gates qigong practices, one must first be able to do Longevity Breathing as taught in Chapter 5. (And as a matter of fact this week I started practicing the first two Breathing lessons.)

    SO I HAVE THESE QUESTIONS: There’s a Longevity Breathing DVD, and a Longevity Breathing CD set.

    Is either of those “products” a prerequisite for learning the other one ? ? ?

    Or does each present its own way of completely learning Longevity Breathing ? ? ?

    And, if a person learned Longevity Breathing from EITHER the DVD or the CDs, would the person then be able to start learning the qigong in Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body ? ? ? (It does appear that the DVD is specifically made to go with Chapter 5 of that book.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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