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    As 2017 opens, just to intro a thought-image of dynamics that can relate to the outward BaguaZhang movement (especially if your ‘clearly’ alter steps (outside step arcing, inward step completely straight- interrupts the arc, and then again.. smoothly, and yet the force dynamic radiates out from the central-ZhongDing-perpendicular-axis.

    (this all being related to physics type torque and such affects.. as in below video link.. over and above the more subtle int’l movements.. the fluidic, and related ‘chi’, settle-density and ability to interact-direct that)

    [ and the energetic-mind changes of ‘felt-sense’ objects, that then create distinct affects, whether directly or indirect- ala the meditation, even shengong type, aspects done while/upon these practices ]

    YouTube video (by “VSauce”)- science-demo about “Spinning”…
    gryoscopic… Torque and the Corriolis Effect (velocity related to vector-relative to the base-rotational direction as drift and/or weight reductino).. uh, what? –Think Circle Walking, change of direction, as reverse and “change” -I could list many different impacts from above presentation..

    (and also internal rotation of your sphere, like a fwd rolling ball, -or the boulder in the “Raider’s of the Lost Ark” scene- whether in TaiJIChuan (dantian rolling?, or “microcos-orbit”).. but espec rotating over-top, down-front, then under and up-back.. as walk-circle, and turn.. relate that to the leaning-precessing gryo, or the Bicycle-wheel on a string-demo).. anyway- just a few examples.. (and the lean- fall to the outside as walk, related to weight on the outer-edge of foot, as friction and thus alignment-tipping.. vs the tangent-momentum.)
    Does the sensation (sought-for, found?) of the gryo-centripetal actually elicit a greater sense of dynamics- turning “felt” in the centre (lower-dan) harmonically-resonant with the “felt” turning of the center-of-the-circle… (layer upon with the fwd rolling, or rotation of the axis extending as a radius outward from the center-of-the-circle.. horizonally..
    — I acknowledge this came out a bit wordier and more intricate than it could have, but rather than try and unpack and stretch this out, I hope any with interest might delve into and find explicit applications herein.–
    anyway- watching the video, triggered some reflections from movement- then working them in words took far-longer.. rather than just pointing to the video,but I hope any might relate to part- maybe see further refinements from.. in their physical (and mental-experience) practice.

    Here’s to (more) fully expressing the extra-ordinary (beyond the ordinary, and far beyond the mediocre), let us re-discover and re-present/demonstrate? what these arts (can?) make possible. :>


    Just to add a whole different angle -related to this concept.. is something easy to experience, and then just what does that mean? (how would that being-part-of your-reality, change how you walk, let alone practice… especially if you are practicing BaguaZhang neigung?)
    -that is, walk in a circle, it doesn’t need to be any type of stepping, for this try just regular walking, but define a circle and walk around it, like walking straight down a path- just arc it around…
    Go without stopping or changing direction 9 times.. each time, don’t stress it, but notice to the degree you are on the same line- on two sides have a pt that you step through each time..

    when you finished the 9th time (the 10th time beckons).. start to step on the 10th.. after a step or two, turn-pivot and face the center of the circle and slowly-carefully walk fwd into-through to the center then the other-side, then beyond the other side of the circle so you walk clearly outside of where you were walking… (pause a moment, then if need be, turn and walk back the same way… slowly-carefully again: feeling “tasting”)…

    You might even do it eyes closed- hands out, fingers/arms&feet feeling, even listen and feel with your face (just as you would in the dark, trying not to walk into a wall – or espec a door edge :)
    …. you might feel as you step inside the area where you were walking a change in the quality of the space, of the air-pressure/density, when you “pierce”/enter the circle-boundary, and a different quality inside the circle, from the center of the circle, and perhaps from the “other-side” of the circle… then you cross- the boundary on the other-side.. and then outside again….

    [longer to write out, but if you try, and then wait a week or so you might try again- how knows.. maybe nothing.. but you might feel a quality shift…. ]

    even if eyes are closed, thus perhaps not just ‘recognizing visualling, but a feeling? -just from walking a bit, the space changes? — if you wait a few minutes in another room, and return, is it still like that? and/or if you wait a few hours, or next day, is it still like that, or has it changed? -perhaps back to “neutral”….

    It might seem this could be “where you usually practice” .. but try in a random spot you haven’t practiced.. walk through it first (~baseline).. feel? neutral? just a space… then circle (say 9, enough to set up a momentum-continuity feeling in your moving/being in that space, as a line… either direction- a diff?), then feel… if it changes (pretty quick, just pace a bit, if walk real-quick only a few minutes and creates… __ something different?)

    if you feel like recruiting/sharing with another: have them walk and you start at a place, walk (eyes closed, or not- but if no vision, and you sense.. what sensing?).. is what you feel located on the line of the circle they were stepping?
    -and/or have them walk around a spot, feel neutral? you pace circling.. then they walk and feel… -difference?

    (party-tricks ? :) .. and yet what does this imply?

    if one felt like including exploring “whirling” – same as above, feel a place= nothing, and then spin in place and/or step in a mini-circle (ie one foot mostly in the same spot, or “changing direction step).. and then… feel a pillar-effect? [this and above combine as qualities one might notice, and thereby nurture and expand.. either in something else, or in BaguaZhang neigung.. ( even “mindfulness walking’ practice mentioned these days)

    – much like how once you recognize the ‘oh-what-is-that quality in ChiGung.. or in TaiJiChuan, of a type of qi (or an action-quality of- like the Energies of GraspSparrows: PengLuJiAn.. or Opening-radiating/Closing-absorbing.. or heavy”chi” vs light”chi”.. etc…. Rather than try and imagine, or think a movement just-is, if you notice that subtle “something-else” is occurring, you can figure how to encourage it to grow and become a stronger feeling…

    (both in a distinct E “action-quality” doing, as above, or in what is created- naturally?
    -while walking “along” a circle, and then while walking into the circle, as you turn around.. or just spin nearly in place (or walk outside of the circle and then return on-to it)…

    if you feel that energetic-aspect: you can grow it, and layer it… -might be advantageous, at least for some.
    I hope above might be interesting, at least. cheers


    Hello all, just curious if anyone tried the above experiment (no tools nor equipment, and not alot of time nor space required :) batteries included (to reference toy-ads from way-back)

    -seems like this might not be of interest, but perhaps some have tried and learned from, just haven’t mentioned it. Either way- best wishes and luck in your practice

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