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    This course yielded immediate results in the first few minutes. I am now sorting out the chronic pain and restriction in my shoulders and neck and I don’t experience much down time at all. It also applies to tai chi etc and unifies the body.

    A request for the standing chi gung and other nei gung lessons and programs….lying down exercises, principles, and therapeutics? .I have been experimenting with nei gung and chi gung lying in bed and some tai chi and ba gua movements….breathing, opening closing, pulsing cavities….I’m sure you have a lot of therapeutics and etc in this aspect. I find it helps the other practices incredibly and has a deep carry over in sensing the internal processes of my body/mind

    Fantastic course. Immediately practical. No fluff and speculation. Deepened my meditative and standing practice from day one….Thanks for the generosity. I,m a feeling consistently good in my day to day life without much effort. The effort I do put in yields the benefits in a relaxed and stable manner. Thanks again



    I would also like to say thanks for this course! Here’s my perspective / story. I have been doing many of the hsing-i / Bagua / chi gong exercises. I’m able to dissolve blocks in my self and in others. Ive chipped away at the emotional blocks and beginning to do mental ones. One thing that never seemed to go away was this injury inside my pelvis. It’s like there’s this hard fiber that just never softens up. Being inside the pelvis means that you cant really push on it or work it :( until i started doing the scapula exercises. I guess because i was pretty open in the upper back and generally good at flowing energy i felt the injury being moved and activated right away. I kept it up and it got softer and more mobile … better than with any other method. Then I think i jumped in openness though and got filled with some junk… but now i’m clearing that out and running more power through my system. Over all getting better!



    I am just moving to Level 3 exercises and I can feel the difference in the fascia moving albeit slowly. The concept is abstract and you need to will yourself mentally and physically to move the fascia from the perineum to the crown of your head and back down again. But it gives a great feeling of openness, mobility and a feeling of having dissolved the blocks in the body.

    I can observe that all the exercises are basically the same movements and in each level, we are going deeper and deeper. I can feel the spin-offs of doing this exercise in my tai chi and other practices. A very good course to build your inner mobility and activate your inner energy.

    Thanks, Bruce for the focus and dedication to explain these exercises patiently for a remote target audience very beautifully. I found it very easy to pick up the threads and practice the exercises without any doubt or clarification by repeatedly going through your videos.



    Cheers to fellow participants (espec those that benefited, as I have as well :) -holy crap :) … just finished watching/learning from the videos (lvl1&2), and doing the movements along with… I can only imagine the changes that will happen over time (let alone, once I’m ready for lvl3&4, which will be after they are avail, as I can tell deepening the foundation will really leverage).

    for myself- I’ve done many of these movements before, and I believe heard many of the points from Bruce in the past (just thinking over the points, one-by-one and thinking, new?) and yet the benefits are huge.. I feel physically changed, just from doing along (even for the types of movements, that I think I’ve learned/done before- what made the difference? who knows but I’ll take it).

    -I’ve had the “top of spine” (ie up inside the skull, occiput up through sinuses, up to over the right eye, all along just under the top of skull jammed-twisted, over time had evened it out, espec when working bend-the-bow in SanTi (it popped my jaw at one point), and when working Bagua with Lee B. one time he did a quick wave over that part of skull (per the pressure had built to “too much” while ‘walking’ practice) and a few days later, it shifted dramatically..
    but not “all-the-way” …
    so for years I’ve been stuck (eyes and over roof of mouth uneven).

    Anyway- TMI perhaps, just felt to write about my exper, and see this thread, so my two-sense in… I felt some connection in/under skull and linked up to movements (and during the initial movement-videos, as I did along as they were shown, the bottoms of both feet really warmed and “lit” up)… and the sense of fascia moving (and of fascia being in movement) as feelings, has changed a bit from what I experienced before.. -so some slight distinctions made a difference (I’m hoping this year, for “Christmas” I’ll get the gift of having my skull-neck and stuff inside them, shift into place, and allow the stability, and the discomfort waves to ease :) what might that allow to develop? (long journey, but well see).

    -going to the drawing board, and notice how the recommended “workout session” is about 3mins (per the last level 2 guided practice) or even 5 mins.. once can do 3 sessions a day.. spread about a 1/2 hour or so.. (and/upon awakening, then later in day, then before ‘retiring’)
    this allows little dipping the toe in the water, “tasting” and body can learn and adjust.. vs longer “I get it”..(but not really)… over time the changes of really sensing what that will build, to arise.
    -later the essence of “moving the fascia” directly, vs moving it via moving the body ie the scapula.. as well as “moving through the fascia”.. being things the body-mind “does” like moving a finger.. you just do it.. until then, it is like having a finger that you can’t quite move, so building the skill. but then when activating those parts, that “layer” and the flows associated.. one can doing, on a walk/standing in line, or lying-down…

    (espec during TaiChichuan or BGZ. etc).. for the therapeutics, having the skill-capacity).. its just the struggle sessions (eat bitter, let alone tasting that bitter-flavour :) to get a “handle on it” (and even once get it, “some”.. re-examine and look into it a bit deeper, allows one to get a “better” handle-on-it.. thus able to do_more_with_it. etc.

    Just a thought- luck all

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