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    Hello, the media on the inner/outer dissolving appear to focus on going from the head down the core of the body to be lower Tien. Would a practitioner also scan down the arms and legs?



    No answers ? Well, then I will use all my years of experience !

    In the Energy Gates book that I received last week the first stage is sinking the chi, which is to scan down your body from above the head to below the feet and encourage a wave of chi to descend. In the book it says ending either in the Tantien or the feet. Of course the chi is only going down so for the feet it goes down into the Earth, or at least to the edge of the energy body below the feet. For the arms I believe likewise as for most people the fingertips are below the Tantien and so chi only goes down.

    It says it takes 6month for the Tantien to stabilize after which time it becomes more important in practice, and I believe the whole body becomes linked to it and you are more in control of energy projecting from it.

    In the book it says “always finish below your feet”, and with regards arms that you finish the arms by concentrating on the exact centre of the fingertips.



    Hello, I hope your practicing is going well (and that you might have been trying it out, and going back to the directions you read/heard given, as a thought might be that different things are mushed..

    “inner/outer dissolving appear to focus on going from head down the core” hard to tell specifically which instruction you mean, but perhaps more than one is referenced? There is a practice of feeling down the core, but not by projection-imagining what-if, but felt.. thus starts with what you can feel, and develops further.. ”

    In short: “would a practitioner also scan down the arms and legs?” it depends upon the practice you are doing- if Bruce says in ABC do down arms & torso do that, but if in another lesson-drill he says this time do into the core of the body.. then that may be different. (again, IF – I dont know but- if you are referring to the Intermediate Meditation lessons in the Training Circle- first cycle that relates to core channel work, but that is intermed, so wouldnt make sense from someone who hasn’t been instructed in this system previously). Anyway…

    Thus as what you can feel develops; So all practices are concretely-based.. but sensing the “side channels” or into the “central channel” wouldn’t be how one would start out.. so none of the practices Bruce teaches contradict nor are mutually-exclusive, but still aren’t in the same context (espec as the goal of where you are going, and how you may be at the moment… may differ- there is a developmental practice, so seems other comments recently are people saying Eventually I’m supposed to be able to do XYZ, it says to do it correctly the move requires XYZ, but I can’t now’… well, its a process (is just my thought, but this may not relate to your issue, as no details were given in your question).

    I wrote another comment-post, which may relate to this, to continue on from that one:

    the real-key: what state of ‘mind’ does that-physical condition create/support? (and what are you able to sense/notice/interact with in your-self? ..)
    that state, that initial change is needed -perhaps- to be able to Understand what dissolving is. ie one needs create a type-of-mind from a changed phy-body (just like newly developed nerve structure, from Practice) -in-order-to then be able to ‘feel’ (then, to quote M. Feldenkrais, then the Elusive becomes Obvious.. and one can sense finer distinctions, once one has improved the organization (of your sensory-interp system); which then can sense finer, and even better optimize-adjust by noticing what is off, and thus further improve the org.. which directly enables sensing finer distictions- etc etc.

    or more simply, the initial steps/drills of NeiGung build the foundations for the next.. perhaps after having done for a while there will be changes, just as you experience stepping and standing differently, if you practice standing/balancing on one-leg, with the other leg lifted high: as in GoldenRooster position.. can’t guess-fore-see what they will devel… and once done so then “more becomes possible” -from the pt further towards the Horizon, one can see (exper) farther…

    (so perhaps beware of mushing different drills together, keep them distinct and clear. ) ~Separate and then combine

    For ex- it seems many are questioning about different comments in different places and not being sure what was said (as well as mixing interpretations from other systems), and posting questions about confusion…
    …. Mind moved downward to the ground in standing, is not the same drill as sit and move down to the lower-dantien…. feel the surface of the body, as deep as you can “feel” (thus skin, and deeper? if).. is not the same as feel through the core-line of torso, and along axis-lines in the arms/legs, as if you touched inside with a finger-tip…

    As the illustration Bruce has mentioned most times in the recordings or talks about scanning downward “as if in a SciFi movie where there is water that is lowered downward- so it is above someone. The part that is wet- starting at the top and going down.. as it goes down- it is on all sides, like an MRI planar-pict… if one arm is up and the other down, then what? well what is the level? .. if you stop at the dantien, and the hands-wrists are down farther than the dantien.. as the water wouldn’t have touched it yet, then it wouldn’t have touched it wet. If the water would have touched it going down, then it did…. if you aren’t stopping at the dantien, but going to the floor, then the water goes to the floor..

    (it always made more sense to me to think of a person hung upside-down, rope around their ankles- being lowered top of head first– down into water.. uncomfortable perhaps.. how breathe? details, but imagine that person in the exact same position you are sitting, or standing, or in form.. thus the surface of the water, as you are lowered “down” it goes “down your body” (which could appear “up” in regards the ground :)

    [ side affect of Bagua practice and working with spiral-waves for a bit, gives some energy-to express, so figured I’d direct it into a post that might add to Others Practice -cheers ]



    Thanks for the long post. I’m simply referencing his books and audio on water meditation. It seems so open ended that the appendages would naturally be included.

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