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    Hi all,

    I thought my breathing was pretty decent until trying the belly rolls i.e. the diaphragm tension drill (Breathing video #3 or 4).
    I know we’re supposed to ‘feel’ these things, but I had to try it in the mirror first. After a good laugh there, coupled with Bruce’s lingering words (paraphrasing) to the affect, ‘…mine moves, yours doesn’t…’, I realized I’ve yet been humbled again doing these practices.
    It’s all good as I embrace the self-discovery process and look forward to unencumbered tension/movement from the diaphragm to the pubic bone. Good practicing all!..




    Indeed, I keep finding depths below where I thought the ground was ‘slightly’ solid (not sure how long its been since I’ve thought my __ was pretty decent… having struggled with this stuff a while, I keep seeing a bit further.. but the little progress I can eke out is good).
    I even find “back-slides” (apparent) as I re-lease tension in one place and that ripples out which then makes what I used to be able to do, less easy (even if it is more ‘connected’ than it was). I espec have found that in breathing (the practices of breathing, or even how any shifts from other practices affect my breathing, which currently isn’t so good :) but it used to be ? :)

    I salute fellow diver of the depths- luck- g



    So, as I continue to work on belly rolls, it feels very physical like I’m merely moving the abdominals instead of the breath guiding the diaphragm.
    Also, I’m falling into reverse breathing i.e. inhaling to get the sensation of moving the diaphragm up, while exhaling to move the diaphragm down.
    Is anyone else having this experience or, any guidance/input on whether or not I’m going about this correctly?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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