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    A practice that is often talked about, and usually considered high level, and sometimes dangerous, is Bone Marrow Washing.

    My former training with Qi Gong contains, at least in rudimentary form, such practice. So far, I did not have any negative experience with it, except that the way I do it doesn’t seem to be very compatible with certain forms of external training.

    I also found that it is possible to breathe energy both through the endpoints of the bones, at the joints, as well as through the pores, if I breathe deep enough, and the energy used is, for lack of a better term, clear enough. This latter version I stumbled upon rather accidentally while experimenting and trying to understand the various practices I have learned. At first, it seems that the pores of the bones seem small or closed, but they open over time.

    It also requires deep relaxation, concentration and time – I only can do it if I practice my Qi Gong intensely on a daily basis.

    Does anyone here also have experience with the technique? Or maybe any advice he/she would like to share?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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