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    I am on the week 2 of 5 keys and i am wondering when to use the Bonus 2 Dissolving and when the Sinking Qi Practice. On week 1 i started to practice the Dissolving (solid-liquid-gas) at the beginning of my daily practice. Now in week 2, i heard the Sinking Qi practice and as far as i understood the difference is just that solid-liquid-gas dissolving (sending the gas outside the etheric body) is an advanced way of sinking qi (sinking the qi down to the earth), am i right?
    do I understand it correctly that the dissolving is meant to be done at the beginning of the practice and the sinking qi practice at the end of the daily practice? or can i do one or the other? better at the beginning or at the end?

    thanks in advanced for your answer


    Sinking qi is done in week 2 after a week of working on the
    alignments and generally relaxing the body. I suggest you stay there for awhile
    before jumping ahead to dissolving. Dissolving is limited by your ability to
    sink qi. Your ability to sink qi is limited by the accuracy of your alignments, and
    your ability to relax whilst standing in posture. Therefore, the bonus 2 dissolving
    download is best to be done once you can cleanly and clearly sink all of your qi from the
    top of your head all the way down into the ground. At this stage, the
    dissolving will become more powerful and yield greater results. If you don’t
    follow this advice, you will build a glass ceiling into your practice and,
    after a short period of time, you will stop advancing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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