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    Bill, first of all i am REALLY enjoying re-learning the set – going slowly, and I love how you break it down – great metaphors too, making the movements clear (eg. dimmer switch for raising and lowering the legs in movement 1).

    My question: I am only through week two so I don’t know if you address this in following weeks – apologies if you do: Breathing. When I first learned the set – way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth – the breathing was part of the training. Although we were told not to concern ourselves overly about it until later, we were given the instruction as to when to breath out and when in for each of the 7 exercises. Is there an eventual focus on breathing? Do we just keep it natural and slow until further notice?

    warm regards,



    Hi David and everyone else,

    Nice to have you Dragon & Tigering with us.

    Yes, there are specific breathing patterns for each exercise. I chose not to teach the patterns in this introductory course because I find trying to keep track of the breath is very difficult when you are first learning the moves. If we ever do a follow up course breathing will be a prime subject.

    If you want to know what those patterns are just go to the book or the chart, both of which are sold by Energy Arts. I recommend the book, DVD, and poster package as your best value.

    The first step for anyone wishing to start to play with their breath in the exericse is just to notice your breath as you do the moves, don’t try to change it, just become aware of your patterns. Next, try not to hold the breath anywhere.

    Enjoy all,



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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