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    If Im experiencing tension in my chest for example should I “breathe into it” ?
    Im working on the instruction for month one and so the task is to focus on various parts of the head. Im wondering whether I stick to the practice or address the tension and then move back to the practice.
    Any advice is always appreciated.





    HI Kevin,

    later on in the series (around month 8/9 I think) Bruce talks about using the breath to release stuck tissue and talks specifically about the ribs. If the tension gets in the way of focussing on the current lesson then it’s probably best to address it – maybe do some standing dissolving or go see a Rolfer?




    Hi, kevin. I don’t have the specific answer to your question, but I think in general, you can’t go wrong by following Bruce’s directions as closely as possible and proceeding slowly and carefully through the material.

    Good,luck, Matthew



    Hello Kevin,

    I’ve been meditating daily for about one month, so I can only speak for what has worked for me. I too had a tension in my chest and I serendipidously discovered that if I breath in but then let the breath fall out naturally instead of forcing it out toward the end of the out breath that this helped to loosen the muscles at the base of the sternum. I became aware of the muscles that were causing the tension and was able to stop tensing them.
    Hope this helps,



    Thank you everyone!



    Hi, I am new to the program. I found difficulty when focusing on the breath. I laid down in bed, kept breathing and fell asleep. Sometime I woke up fresh, sometimes I woke up with headache and chest pain (left side), in this case I felt fast heart beating as I woke up, the sleep monitor showed history of high heart rate. Was that because I controlled the breath, maybe I made it longer than body can handle. Was there a chance that breath was out of sync with the normal rythm of the heart?
    Also I notice it is very hard to not becoming controlling of the breath when I am meditating/monitoring the breath.
    Is this problem common? How can I avoid controlling of the breath?
    controlling means I intentionally inhale, exhale as oppose to letting it automatically doing what it does.
    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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