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    About feeling chi

    it is to share my little experience and hear about from other people.

    As I’ve been doing Dragon and Tiger for some time now, from book and DVD,
    I’m doing the physical moves more or less with ease (or I think so…).
    I’ve been having chi feelings, at hands and paths, partially,
    but I’ve not been focusing on them as the main target, busy with correct movement.

    Now, with this course, on this new round of paying attention to every detail again,
    I’m refining some physical movement and playing with some little variations presented.
    But the main thing is that more and new chi feelings are coming to my conscience naturally,
    and I’m focusing more on them.

    What, the perception is: vibration, with variable amplitude and frecuency. Then I could interpret it as: warm gas water, plain heat, cold, light touch, superficial wind, tingling, my nervous system on skin.
    When: mainly when doing but also along the day at the moment I pay attention.
    Where: on hands (fingers and an inch circle on palm); lightly all around the body where I pass my hands over or point with fingers, and specially on the paths (some more than others) with and without hands over them, rarely along with a nice strong feeling, as if your lover were touching you there. And a few times an spontaneous curious soft slow wave along the small orbit, without using hands, even I think it is not in D’n’T.

    To be truth, it happened many times to be in believe-mode-off and only could interpret it as enhanced sensibility on skin, because of focusing my mind on perceptions along the paths.

    I appreciate the advice of getting a little more in than out. I’ll play with it, as sometimes I got more feeling of chi on my hands and arround tantien just before doing than after doing it (I do Dragon and Tiger after some tai chi walk and form and some standing-breathing-dissolving).

    Finally, my gratitude to Bruce Frantzis, the energy arts instructors comunity, and here specially to Bill Ryan,
    for devoting your time and energy to such a quality teaching. I find it to be a rare case of exceptionally good teaching, what you say and show points most directly to the real thing.



    Thank you for posting this, Gustavo. My experience is very similiar and it is nice to hear somebody else share it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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