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    Hi All,
    Tossing out a question here that is having to do with body mechanics. When executing a qi kung or tai chi set, depending on the style, sometimes a lower stance than normal is required such as in chen style, vs yang style with it’s generally much higher positions. Are there any tricks that can be used to maintain the softness and relaxed posture, especially at the joints, in the deeper stances of a chen style routine, just as an example, without tensing up the muscles and ligaments so that chi will continue to flow properly?
    I assume this has something to do with the mechanics of the “qua” region where the head to the femur sockets into the pelvis, and also at the knees. How does one keep the major joints “soft and pliable like a child” in these areas?



    Unfortunately, this question is beyond the scope of this course, and also too complex for me to write a simple or even not-so-simple response.

    There is a way to do deeper stances and maintain that softness, and yes, it partially has to do with the kwa. But other neigong alignments are required. I recommend that you find an Energy Arts Wu Style Tai Chi Level 2 instructor, and take some lessons with them on this subject.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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